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  2. The switch is of the plunger type, so it would be located on the hinge side of the door. Unfortunately, the only thing I could come up with was, to apply WD-40, when the plunger is depressed. One complaint was it will attract dirt, but it helped for about a year.
  3. Excellent suggestion!!, Awsome begining! y2kz71, I keep a folder for the forums I belong to. You are duly recorded, and saved! One would hate to be a noob........
  4. . I was always under the impression that the wire wrapped around the antenna was for remote reception....I.E. Locks, starter an Lord only knows what else I'd like to know if any of that, is affected, by placing the antenna in that position. Such as, Has the range at which you can acess your doors been reduced? All I've read so far is, concern about sounds......... Steve
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