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  1. Yukon Rebadge

    They are now supposed to start in december, waiting for the stamping plant to come on line.
  2. Yukon Rebadge

    They start production in july.
  3. check your fuel pressure regulator. I had this just happen on my wifes 03 z71 . put a fuel pressure tester on it, hers ran fine as long as it wasn't sitting at idle, the second you stopped it died. I would check the regulator first, good luck.
  4. look on the broken piece and see if there is a number, alot of times the individual parts have a number on them and when looked up it shows a single part that can be ordered. if you have a pic to post I might be able to help find the part number.
  5. I build these trucks and the tahoe and yukon are not going away, they are being redesigned. They will still be true trucks with bof and we can not build enough of them. They are selling like crazy and we even build alot for export, and alot of the 3/4 tons. The 2011 are scheduled to start the first week in July.
  6. there are fuses for the trailer under the hood and in the fuse compartment on the driverside dash, I would check both, is there another truck to plug the trailer into to see if it works correctly. Also just as a shot check the bulb in the trailer the bulb should have 2 filaments, one for turn the other for stop, one filament could be burnt out and the other still good, worth a shot.
  7. Reduced Engine Power Message

    I have an 03 2500 hd but it is the exact same as on the 5.3s I also have an 03 1500 z71 with the 5.3. you are right the sensor is part of the throttle body , I know that is all I paid for it from the dealer. email me and i will send pics of the one I removed I do not know how to post pics in here.Also I dont know if it is available yet from aftermarket.
  8. Reduced Engine Power Message

    like I stated awhile ago I went through the tsb and had no bad or loose wires. I replaced the tps and found a small crack in the back that was allowing condensation get in and throwing off the signal or voltage to the sensor on the gas pedal, the didint agree so goes to limp mode. I bought the new tps from the dealer was about $160 and took about 10 minutes to put on. 3 dealers told me that you needed a tech 2 to sync it but it does not need to be synced. this might not be the problem but 3 dealers couldnt duplicate and none wanted to put the part on without it doing it, so I just did it myself and glad I did.
  9. Reduced Engine Power Message

    do a search for reduced engine power, I had the same problem on mine and there is a lengthy(sp) procedure to diagnose this. mine actually had a small hole in the tps and was letting moisture build up and throw off the electronics inside. the gas pedal has a sensor and the tps has a sensor and they have to be reading the same or you will go into reduced power mode. I went thru the whole thing and couldnt find the problem dealers didnt want to put a new tps on so I finally did it myself and havent had a problem with it since.

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