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  1. I noticed a noise on the dash when I had the heater running. It was audible when stopped. I folded a couple kleenex and stuffed them between the windshield and top on dash right in the middle of the dash. No more noise.
  2. Do you need add new wire harness for DPN mirrors with blinkers to work on a 2015 2500 LT that had just power mirror and heat?
  3. Received mirror switch 23488411 this morning. Didn't need mirror trim panel. Both mirrors powerfold with no extra wiring. Hoping dealer can flash Bcm to get Remote powerfold to work. Many Thanks to Oempartsdirect.com for getting the parts. Wberg
  4. Trav_automotive Did you install the new power folding mirrors on your 2013 Denali?
  5. I received my usps tracking number today for the door switch. So far it has no information.
  6. What I dont understand is you said your screen has the power folding option that makes the key fob work. When did the key fob start working.\?
  7. Shamokin So your original mirrors had power fold from the factory.
  8. Shamokin I wonder if dealer turns on the power option means your remote key fob would work. if so the rest could be hard wired. CrankyApex I ran a wire to right mirror today so both White Leds work.
  9. CrankyApex Great to know I don't have a wiring problem. Thanks I will hold off running wire to right mirror until I hear from Shamokin. He has a 2015 and we will see what the dealer programming does.
  10. CrankyApex Great picture under dash. exactly what I would like to see on the wire connections on the drivers door. I installed resistor as shown today. Wire goes to yellow on mirror in left door. Only left mirror white led works. No white led on right mirror. Any ideas what I missed? Wbergl
  11. Can someone take a picture of wire tap on drivers door that make the white LEDS work on both mirrors?
  12. I will try resistor , but is the left one works fine and the right one doesnt I would think its a wiring issue. FYI white leds are BRIGHT Wanted to add this link again incase someone needed it. Made removing panels easy http://www.amp-research.com/?dl_id=249
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