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    working on cars and trucks and model building, professional mascot for hire and for charity work<br /><br />i have a 88 Scottsdale and a 94 s10 blazer 4x4
  1. Your Pet Or Pets

    heres my English lab that was my moms i don't know whats up with that folded paws thing when he lays down. it just dosent look right lol and i know im in bad color sweats they were a gift from my mom a few years ago lol
  2. Trucks you have owned

    79 ford mustang with custom ford engine 84 camaro both while in school were auto shop projects 92 dodge Dakota extended cab with v8 swap 88 dodge Dakota reg cab 5 speed 4 cylnder very slow peice of crap 89 ford crew cab f350 8 ft bed dually was my grandpas my dad now has it. loved the truck but hated the gas millage 88 or 89 full sized bronco owned for a few weeks was given to me for free when i repoed it was ok but speedo dident work and was rust bucket 97 1500 wt package sold when a friend totaled it loved the truck hated the fact no power windows tho 88 1500 short bed finally sold it needed cash loved this truck alot hated the short bed tho current 94 s10 blazer love it except for fact it needs gas gauge fixed

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