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  1. Thanks for the info Rich. I do want everything to work right, the expense seems abit excessive when you figure in the cost of the mirrors. I guess I need to suck it up. The DL3 mirrors definately were not going to do the job!
  2. I just swapped my folding DL3 mirrors for towing mirrors DPN, it was hard to see around 28 foot enclosed car trailer, I went to the dealer for a reprogram, they took the truck for about an hour, came back and stated that I needed a $50 door module calibration file per #PIT4417D. They also wanted to chrage me $200 for the work. I was some what disgusted as and told them that I would think about it and paid $85 diagnostic fee and left. The mirrors would not function when I went in to the dealer except for the turn LED in the passenger mirror and only the drivers window could be operated from the master switch. When I left everyting seems to be working ok. The next time I hooked up to my trailer I noticed that the lane change turn signal only flashed 3 times as opposed to 6 time with the old mirrors. The question is do I need the calibration file? What am I missing with out this calibration?
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