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  1. ok guys any idea what i'm doing wrong, i have an 03 silverado with a leaking drivers side front axle seal. i bought a new ac-delco seal, popped out the old one new one in and it leaks worse. thinking its not really something you can install wrong i reluctantly assumed i got a bad seal and bought another one. i was super thorough when replacing it, cleaned the surface, careful not to damage the seal etc. i even put a little rtv around the outside of the seal. i made sure the breather is clear, the diff isnt over filled and wouldnt ya know it it leaks worse now than ever. idk what i could be missing. theres no orientation of the seal i even consider i had installed it backwards, nope its pretty clear how it goes. the axle shaft is shiny and clear, no pipping or groove and its definitely leaking from the seal. id welcome some ideas
  2. i replaced the intake manifold gasket, but coolant doesnt run through the intake manifold
  3. i gave the old heads i took off to the guy to rebuild, i havent heard from him if he found them to be cracked. i didnt see anything glaringly obvious wrong with the head gaskets either
  4. a guy i know who works at a trusted machine shop rebuild them so i feel pretty good. its having the exact same problem after the heads as before so its got to be something else but as i far as i know there is nothing else i can be
  5. i dont believe i have an oil cooler, there is no oil in the coolant though
  6. ok guys i need some help im at my wits end, i discovered an oil / coolant milkshake while doing my last oil change on my 99 5.3 with 100k. even though i have 862 heads (706 are known for cracking) i replaced the heads and head gaskets along with every gasket i came in contact with during the process as well as the oil pan gasket and pickup o ring while i was at it. ive been changing the oil every other week to keep an eye on it and it appears i still have coolant leaking into my oil. what other way could this be happening?
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