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  1. Hello. Been running 18" rims with 265/70r18 tires during the summer. Sick of my old 17" winter tires and want to buy new summer rims. Was considering buying 20" rims and using a 275/65r20 tire. Not sure how to check tire size totality and figured I would get the best answers here. Will these fit or should I just stick with my 18" rims? Thanks.
  2. No. The 18" are an inch taller. The 17" rims and tires are 29.5" tall and the 18" rims and tires are 32.5" tall.
  3. By damage anything, I mean in the 4x4 system if I ever have to engage it.
  4. Going on a hunting trip this weekend. It's up in the hills and it's supposed to rain/snow. I already put my winter tires on. My rear summer tires have better tread for snow/mud. Will I damage anything by running 17" wheels in the front and 18" wheels in the rear? I have to go 200 miles down a highway and then 12 miles up a mountain. Oh, and the front 18" wheels have worse tread than the 17". Just want to change the rear out quickly if it won't damage anything. Don't care about gas mileage. Thanks for any input.
  5. Thanks. I bought some pioneer 2-way 6 1/2" speakers for $29.99
  6. ok, so it's for sure only one speaker? not a speaker and a tweeter?
  7. I want to replace the speakers in the doors of my 2004 Silverado. Can someone tell me what size I needed to order? The diagram I found doesn't say a size on it. Thanks
  8. I have an extra cpu for my truck. If I send them the extra, would they program the cpu so that the cat test wouldn't have to run? so that I could get rid of my catalytic converters?
  9. Could a bad fuel pressure regulator sensor be the cause of this problem? I finally have a code coming up and staying constant. It's saying it's a bad fuel pressure regulator sensor. This made sense to me that this could be the problem. If the computer system is pumping too much fuel into the engine the emissions are going to be too high and fail the CAT test, correct?
  10. Ahhh, no point in wasting money on aftermarket then. I should just fix the OEM headers then.
  11. If I was going to take the time to try and fix the headers I would rather just buy aftermarket headers. Then have my mechanic put them on. What are good stainless steel headers to buy that will increase performance but not break the bank? $400 or under if possible.
  12. I also don't think I can fix it. The bolts are broke off into the block. It will take some serious work to fix it. I ask this question because I would like to know if this could be the problem before I spend a ton of labor hours working on it.
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