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  1. From the grill. Sorry about the rotated picture.
  2. Only pic. Bought it last month and so far pulled the grill and removed the chrome "strips", 2.5" front level, 3" rear blocks, Iboard running boards and did the fog and bright light mod.
  3. Wow, really bright! Just what my old eyes need! I'll be real interested when I can replace my headlights and fog lights with something bright like that. I remember there was a way to "jumper" my lights with diodes in the 2007 I had so that when I hit the brights the dims and the fogs stayed on. I've been trying to do that with this 2015 every once in a while.
  4. Post Pics of Your 2014+

    2" front and 3" rear blocks. Didn't like the level with towing our boat. Kinda looked like I was huntin' coons. Edit: Brother swears I did 2.5" front
  5. The same bags I put in after towing the boat a couple times! The bags worked great for loads, I let them down to a couple #s when not towing, for the great ride those little coils give. I see you're getting used to the knob shift too. I did the park thing several times, not looking I grabbed the volume knob on the radio a couple times too. That woke me up! Now I'm doing the opposite. I have to remember that I use the fob now and not just touch the door handle to get in. Also use the key and not push the button. It was a real nice truck, very comfortable for long rides. I sold mine for a good price and really wanted a Chevy again and I liked this 2015. I have a couple back surgeries coming up and wanted to save more cash as I don't know what's going to happen. Chris
  6. You won't like the payload. I just sold my 2015 Limited and I had put air bags in. Even when I hooked up my boat, 17ft walleye boat, it looked like I was coon hunting at night.
  7. Jetmek, that's what mine looks like. I have a 64g card and only spent about 10 minutes with it today in the truck but it looks like it doesn't like folders in folders. I have quite a bit in my "unknown". When I have the time in the next few daysI'm going to look at why so many got put in the unknown.
  8. Hello everyone! Just sold our 2015 R*m Limited 3.0 Eco Diesel and got back into the Chevrolet world. Bought a nice 2015 Silverado 4x4 4d Z71 5.3 and I'm sure I'll enjoy it. We've had 7 Chevy trucks and loads of Chevy cars. Everything from a 65 K10 to Corvettes to this sweet truck. I'm sure I'll learn a bunch from the site and have some questions. Thanks. Chris

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