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  1. Wow this was a great exchange. Does everyone have the same the OEM installation code? I need to know what to order. Thanks BR
  2. I've got an 08 LTZ Crew with rear defrost, no sliding window and I used the 19171129 part. Thanks for your response. Does your old remotes still work?
  3. I have a 2009 Silverado LTZ Crew cab. I would like to add the 2-way advance remote. Mainly for the extended range, but mostly for the piece of mind. I called the dealer and I'm getting different results on what I need. I have the rear defroster and not slide window which for some reason is a different add-on. The site says with my setup I need part # 19171129 (which is the add-on with my options) and the dealer says I need part # 19213167 (which says not to use if you have rear window defrost) So if anyone has went through this upgrade which one do I need. Thanks Bob R.
  4. rlouis90

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    Purchased Aug 2009 Silverado LTZ Greystone M. with 6.2L
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