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  1. Emission testing is currently required but due to be eliminated in a year or two. I shouldn't need to get the testing done in the future.
  2. My truck is an 07 GMC Sierra Classic with the 4.3L engine. I have shorty headers and a cat back exhaust system. I need to replace a bad cat and have been told it would be advantageous to replace them both. I am thinking about going with high flow/performance cats. I am seeking members recommendations, experiences, and advantages (good and bad) about high flow /performance cats.
  3. Thanks for the info, I'll look into the dee zee set up.
  4. GM offers a tail gate assist that helps in lowering/raising truck tailgates for their newer trucks. Does anyone know of a supplier for kits to retrofit the tailgate of my truck. My truck is an 07 GMC Sierra Classic W/T. A search for the kit has been unproductive.
  5. This module is on the neg. battery cable. It has an inductive loop on the engine side of the module. It is part of the regulated charging system. It was "fried" and replaced due to another electrical problem. I'm trying to find out why it is effecting the charging system differently then the original and if it is a problem.
  6. My vehicle is an 07 GMC Sierra Classic with the 4.3L engine. Before needing to replace the module my volt meter would move to just under 14 volts after driving about 10 miles or so. After replacement the meter stays at about 14.2 or 14.3 no matter how long I drive. I understand the way module is supposed to function for lessening the stress on the electrical system. The battery is 6 months old. Any help you can give me will be greatly appreciated.
  7. Does anyone know what year GMC stopped using metal timing chain covers on the 4.3L engine? I'm hoping to retro fit one on my 07 4.3L engine.
  8. My truck is an 07 GMC Sierra Classic with the 4.3L engine. Recently I had to have my leaking timing chain cover replaced. The replacement was a Dorman (plastic?) from Summit as it was the only brand that I could find that would fit my year of truck. It started leaking after about two months. Does anyone know of a source for a steel or aluminum cover? Would a steel/aluminum cover from a different year truck work?
  9. This is an update to my original post just in case somebody else has this problem . After much trial and tribulation, the problem was finally narrowed down to a bad distibutor cap and rotor. Both were replaced with an Accell cap and rotor. Problem solved!
  10. The antenna is the original that came with the truck. The radio is an add on that was installed very shortly after I got the truck in 07. It has never had any problems until the static issue. And yes, I do have problems tuning in a couple of the FM stations due to their distance from me. This was also the case when I had another truck. The alternator was checked with a multi meter of good quality and the check was made at the alternator. Out put with the new alternator is 14.2-14.7 volts. When the original alternator was checked, they disconnected the ground from the back of the case and the other connection (sorry, I don't recall the name of this connection). Both were done seperately and did not make any difference int the static noise. Again, thank ou for the assistance.
  11. Doug - Thanks for all the good info. It gives me a good start on chasing down the problem. Can you tell where the FM amp is located? Is it part of the radio? Also the alternator is new, the original was putting out 15 v. The mech's think that is what "fried" something.
  12. My vehicle is an 07 Sierra Classic with the 4.3L and 56,000+ miles. I developed a noticeable static problem on the FM band only of my after market Pioneer AM/FM/ CD player some time back. WhenI fianlly got it into the shop it was discoverd that my alternator was going out and that I had a poor ground for my computer. The alternator has been replaced and the ground repaired. I still have a static on the FM band ,and again, none on the AM band. I was told the radio needs to be replaced. Also, I have ancedotal information that the truck has an FM amplifier that may or may not be the problem. Can anyone provide me with information on where this amp is located and can it be tested to check if it is good or needs replacing? It is the sound of my plugs firing, rapid stacatto in nature with the frequency rising with engine rpm's. Additionally the plug wires were changed in April at 53,100 miles. The new plug wires are Taylor 8mm Pro Series. The mechanic and his assistant that did the work had both never heard of or experienced the problem I described. At the time the alternator was diagnosed as going bad it was putting out 15 volts. This 15 volt output with a bad ground led them to believe the problem was somewhere else besides the plug wires. Can you suggest a solution?
  13. Will this improve mpg's? Any other advantages besides more power?
  14. Thanks for the info. I'll look into both cams you mentioned.
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