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  1. Sorry so late with reply, So they changed the torque converter and I have drove my truck for about 4 days now. Chuggle is still present in the ~25 / 35 MPH range but not nearly as bad. I would guess my truck is 80% better than before the work. It still has a slight hesitation (not nearly as bad as previous) but still there. They have corrected most of the problem, but I am going back and have them continue troubleshooting or following the service bulletin. I will keep posting the results as they happen. I really love this truck and want it to be fixed! I have also attached a document of the service. Mike from Iowa TORQUE CONVERTER.pdf
  2. Torque converter is here and they are going to pick my truck up Wed. (05/29/2019) morning and return to me before I get off work. I will post an update when I have any info. Mike
  3. Just wanted to give everyone an update on my situation. I took my truck in for an oil change on May 9. Got my salesman and went to the head chief whatever serviceman. I discussed the problem I had and he said, "you have had this in here for this before and we can't find anything wrong" I have had it in before when it was new, it has ~ 7500 miles on it now. I then told him about all people on forums, this one specifically that are having this issue and asked him if anyone else had ever come in and complained about this issue. He did not answer. I then gave him the service bulletin numbers that I took from this thread and he said he would check them out.He also said any aftermarket tuning not specifically in the GM ranges would void any warranty. While I was waiting for my truck, he came to me and said one of the bulletins was available for my truck, with some issues I had talked about. Specifically the misfire, surge, and chuggle. He then told me he needed the truck for a day and would hook a computer to it, drive and record stuff. This was necessary in order to ok the service bulletin application through GM. He also said the service bulletin was 15 pages long with different steps. They picked up my truck Monday, here are the results. They agreed it has an issue. Drained and changed the tranny oil and replaced some plug. No difference. They now have a new torque converter ordered and are going to replace it. Not reallly what I wanted to hear but I want my truck fixed. They are going to call when it gets here and replace. So waiting on step two. One last thing, after the service manager spoke to me about the bulletin while I was waiting on the oil change, the owner stopped and talked to me. His last words were "We will fix your truck for you." I will keep posting and give updates as they continue the work. Mike from Iowa.
  4. I have a 2018 GMC Sierra and I almost hate to drive it. Love everything about it except I experience all the stuff listed above. This thread has been idle for awhile, has anyone got an answer from GM? I have bought new from GMC dealer a 94, 98, 06, 13, and now my 18. The 18 is the only one that has had these issues. Please help me. Mike from Iowa.
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