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  1. Thanks! it snapped unfortunately, i got a little mad when it wouldnt go back into reverse, had to drive home in 1 at 20mph
  2. One of mine fell off by just flicking while the truck was on jack stands, i need new ones as well even though hardly any of the trucks weight was on them. If advanced auto doesn't have them do you know who else may?
  3. Hi, when i go to shift my truck from Park to Drive or any gear its very stiff, im just wondering what it could be, and what it would require to fix it? Thanks, -Kurt
  4. So I finally decided I wanted Goodyear duratracs I went with 285s but the alignment sheet came back and it said that my Camber was off and I did have substantial wear on my old set of tires that indicated that positive camber to be exact, but they said the adjuster cams were frozen? So how much does it cost to unfreeze the camber adjustment cams or replace them because I really don't want this new set of tires wearing like the old set and can I crank my torsion bars up and have the camber adjusted so the tires have a perfect camber after the front end is lifted up a bit? Also I believe my caster and toe were within spec but I'll get back on and post some Numbers just to see if there within acceptable ranges. Thanks, -Kurt
  5. Goodyear duratracs just bought a set for 1150 at town fair tire 285s mind you but they're awesome! An they look great too!
  6. mine does it haha i had this same post like a year ago 01 8.1 ecsb 4x4, oh and i changed all my U joints out on the rear it seemed to help the stock ones dont have greese fittings the aftermarkets do
  7. cool, thanks for all the replies and personal expieriences guys, every bit helps
  8. i mean i had polk 4x6s hooked up to the amp and the amp just overpowered them i guess, there wasnt enough sound to make me happy so i turned the gain all the way up and blew them cause i was angry i guess
  9. Both the BFGs and the Duratracs sounds really good right now
  10. im gonna take a look at all tires mentioned here so thanks guys!
  11. i dont know maybe coopers are just constructed better than mastercrafts? What about michelins i think the m/s has a 70,000 mile warranty but im not a big fan of the tread its just so boring and gives me the turning my truck into a prius
  12. Yea ive heard good things about BFGs, as far as cooper goes i like the way they look but cooper and mastercraft go hand in hand its basically the same tire
  13. ive been looking for something better than i have right now i have Mastercraft A/Ts i really like Goodyear Duratracs... ill be using them for plowing and maybe some offroading What do you guys like/recommend?
  14. Awhile back i decided to do an audio upgrade even though i didnt know much about audio, and what sounds good, and how to do everything. i ended up with a midrange kenwood headunit with aux, usb, 3 pairs of preouts in the back, HD radio, and that's all fine and dandy but right now im trying to upgrade my rear speakers and as most of your know with extended cab trucks they came with 4x6s and they're awful. i was thinking about cutting the holes bigger and trying to fit 6x9s or whatever, but im worried about the door panels not being able to fit, and those panels have been off for a LOOONNNNGGGGG time now. I have a Polk PA660 4 channel amp that puts 75RMS to 4 speakers 2 alpines in the front and right now i currently have some polk 4x6s in the rear but they are blown. soooo...... what should i do? better speakers all around, better amp? im happy with the head unit for now but the Alpine 6.5s up front are EH at best and the polks in the rear are blown and i dont know the amp was kind of cheap but im just a kid i dont make a ton of money. Can i upgrade to a bigger size in the rear and still fit the panels on? What do you guys recommend for speakers and amps? Any information or whatever you can offer is appreciated. Thanks, -Kurt
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