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  1. 6.2 with 3.21's was quicker and more fuel efficient for sure. The GMC also weighed quite a bit less. Match the 6.2 with the ZF 8 speed and you'd have a winner. Put 3.92's behind it and I'd have to buy new tires every month.
  2. I switched to RAM myself after owning 4 Chevys and a GMC. I bought a 2019 Limited 4x4 with pretty much every option but RAM boxes. I've put almost 15k miles on it and it has only been back to the dealer for the free oil changes and tire rotations. I have the 12" screen and it has worked well since day one. The interface is fast, responsive, and easy to use. The eTorque option makes the start/stop system pretty much unnoticeable when it restarts the truck. No, i don't get the advertised MPG shown on the monroney sticker, but with 3.92 gears, I didn't expect it The biggest thing for me is the transmission. Having gone from the 8-speed in my Denali to the RAM's is a huge upgrade. The RAM shifts more smoothly and is shudder and clunk free. I had my GMC in to the dealer 5 times in 3.5 years for the transmission and never had the problem resolved. I do miss the 6.2's power, the Hemi is smooth and has plenty of power, but it's not on the same level. No truck is perfect, not even Toyota (ask my neighbor). I picked what worked for me and have been happy to this point. I'm hopeful that the new 10 speed trans works out over the next few years so that I can take a look at a GM truck again (as long as they update the interior).
  3. I've been averaging between 16-17 MPG per tank (by math) driving back and forth to work which I would classify as mostly city driving with a few stretches without stop lights. On a recent 500 mile road trip I averaged 22mpg one way and 19 mpg coming home. Driving to work there isn't a lot of room to get on it much, but I do when I can. My Truck is a 6.2 4wd Denali Crew short bed all stock. I have around 1700 miles on it as of now. Overall I am pleased with what I am getting considering the 5.3 2wd SLT crew demo I had for 2 weeks prior to my truck arriving was only averaging 17 mpg driving the same routine.
  4. I'm very happy with the ride quality and handling improvement. There is a noticeable difference between a Magneride Denali and the SLT demo I drove for two weeks before my truck arrived at the dealer. Kind of like the difference between a 5.3 truck and a 6.2.
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