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  1. I had very similar problem with my 2018 gmc 1500 Crew,last november ,driving in rain /snowy conditions and road salt .pulled over for quick break and truck started throwing all kinds of codes... Stabilatrack, trailer brake ,Steering codes ...also ran rough and started shifting very hard ...took it to dealer and they found a data link wire that had broke in wire harness going to back of truck tucked up in frame ...fixed it and hasn't missed a beat since .cost me $280.00 ...truck is off warranty.
  2. Thanks Phil for all the work you put into this project and helping me out and all you other smart people. Just finished both mirrors and both sides work great , i did forget to land the ground ,in fact i forgot to add pin 5 to the x510 plug,so answering my own questions for 2 posts ago . 1.Having fold/unfold switch does not matter to get signals and puddle lights to work! 2. I did not disconnect power and everything was okay ,but should have ,just for safety. Next inside mirror and auto dimming.
  3. I have a 2018 sierra Sle with dl8 mirrors and bought dl3 mirrors part #s 23269799 and 23269798 and wire harnesses that came out of a 2017 Sierra ,all terrain1500 Gas ,6.2,Canadian truck. I installed dl3 drivers mirror and harvested 5 wires from dl3 harness to my dl8 harness and installed and still have no signal or puddle light. I did check x500 connector before hand and pins 3 and 41 are there. Questions 1. I don't have fold unfold switch yet ....Would that make a difference? 2. I didn't disconnect power when doing swap/ adding wires....would that make a difference? 3. I am going to check power and fuses. I don't have problems with doing wiring just making sure i'm doing things correctly.
  4. I added the mirror and the temp probe and wiring as per your instructions into my 2008 silverado and works perfectly....I went to the local auto wrecker and got the mirror plug with about a foot of wire out of a 2006 truck for $10.00.....Took out the 3 plug/ pins i needed for the plug in the '08 and they popped right in...soldered up the wired and done ......very,very easy.... as blackout says ,going thru the rubber grommet is by far the hardest and longest part...about 2 hour total install here also....Thanks a lot Blackout07!!!!!
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