General Motors is about to step into the world of virtual customer engagement, according to a document recently reviewed.

The planning document, exclusively reviewed and validated by, paints a picture of the direction that General Motors might be heading in when it comes to engaging with customers.

The initiative will be called “GM Live @ Home” and purports to be “an entirely virtual experience” that includes content related to auto shows and “live conversation(s) with product experts”. Customers will interact with live consultants, asking questions about vehicles and their features.

“GM Live @ Home” will start as a virtual auto show featuring “typical auto show exhibits” but plans to pivot into a wider purpose after launch. Future features include marketing, live broadcasts, and exclusive “behind the scenes” content featuring vehicle designers and engineers.

The product may launch as [brand name] @ Home, aka “GMC Live @ Home” or “Chevrolet @  Home” for example, with “GM Live @ Home” being the name of the over-reaching initiative.

Other descriptors of the initiative that we choose not to quote directly could indicate GM plans to use this platform as a “direct sales” tool. It could mean the automaker might sell vehicles directly to consumers through the platform or potentially use it as a funnel to answer potential customer questions without them having to step foot inside a dealership – only to pass their information to a local dealer when the customer is interested.

GM recently launched a live show experience at this year’s CES that might be a pre-cursor to “GM Live @ Home”. GM Exhibit Zero allowed consumers to view the company’s show exhibit and promotional videos virtually. Consumers and investors were then able to learn about Ultium Batteries, Bright Drop, and other new initiatives, without a physical trade show to visit.

Stay tuned to for more information on this initiative and when it might go live in the future.