Last week, General Motors Design posted a curious sketch on their instagram account. Is it a glimpse into a future Silverado or just a fun drawing to entertain. Let’s investigate.

Future Silverado Sketch

The General Motors Design account on instagram is no doubt legit. It’s a crazy cool account that gives you a window into the design studio world at GM. Image posts include everything from reimagining old classics, futuristic swept back race vehicles, and even job hiring announcements.

When the account posted this following sketch of a crazy futuristic Silverado on August 4th, most people could reasonably assume the sketch isn’t related to anything that will see the light of day and is most likely a fun sketch.

But if you dig into things just a little bit- there’s reason to believe GM Design just might be giving us a peek into a future generation Silverado’s design.

The sketch was drawn by Tyler Moffett, who is a creative designer for Chevrolet Trucks. Most notably Tyler was the exterior designer for the Colorado ZR2 and 2019+ Silverado. If anyone knew what direction a future Silverado’s design might go in, he would be the guy to sketch it into something fantastic.

Earlier this year, the account posted this Sierra drawing from 2014 that accurately depicted the future 2019 model redesign.

Even if this drawing has nothing to do with a future Silverado design, it’s fun to see what the folks actually working on design at GM are thinking about while working on our future next generation Silverado and Sierra.

If you’re not already following GeneralMotorsDesign on Instagram, you should definitely take a look.