Confirmed! New GMC Sierra Due Mid-MY22 With New Trailer Ready Super Cruise
Confirmed! New GMC Sierra Due Mid-MY22 With New Trailer Ready Super Cruise

Yesterday we reported that GMC has informed dealers the 2022 Sierra will start off as a hold-over “Limited” edition to begin the model year. Today, we’ve got even more news about when the heavily refreshed Sierra will go into production and what “super” feature it will come with as an option.

Our reporting on yesterday’s dealer email was apparently not complete and only included the first part of the message sent to the dealership network. It turns out, the second half is just as interesting as the first.

>>Read the first half of the letter here<<

The second half of the letter reads as such:

“Later in the 2022 model year, there will be a new refreshed Sierra that will have significant updates in terms of design, capability and technology – including the introduction of the next generation of the Super Cruise1 driver assistance feature with the ability to trailer while driving hands-free on compatible roads.”

Upgraded Trailer Ready Super Cruise Is On The Way

Aside from GMC announcing for the first time that an upgraded GMC Sierra is on the way for Mid-model-year 2022, we’re learning that the Super Cruise feature, teased late last year, will be upgraded from what is currently on the market today.

The message explains the new Sierra will feature Super Cruise that has been upgraded to allow the towing of a trailer while active. If you don’t know what Super Cruise is.. just watch our video giving a demonstration of the technology on a 2021 Cadillac Escalade.

It’s unclear but we assume that the Chevrolet Silverado will undergo the same “limited” treatment and Mid-model-year delay. However, don’t expect Super Cruise to be available immediately on the Silverado, as GMC likes to keep their high-tech exclusives to themselves for a bit before sharing with their Chevrolet counterparts.