You’ve probably heard the rumor that the next model year GMC Sierra (and Chevy Silverado) might be delayed a little bit before they get a big update. Turns out it’s true.

Today GMC dealers received a cryptic message from the big ol General. In part, it read that the 2022 GMC Sierra would be a “limited” model, that would hold over part of the current generation along with its trim levels and features. It also states that 2022 will be a “shortened model year”.

>>Read part two of this dealer announcement here to find out when the refreshed GMC Sierra will launch and what “super” feature it will come with as an option. 

2022 GMC Sierra Dealer Announcement

The message dealers received this morning reads like this:

GMC Dealers, ​Today we are announcing some details surrounding the model year 2022 GMC Sierra 1500. For model year 2022, we will begin production in September 2021, of the GMC Sierra 1500 Limited. The Sierra Limited model will be a shortened model year and will be a continuation of the current generation product that will carry over a full range of trims, models, premium features and comforts GMC customers have come to expect. Full packaging, features and content details will be coming in mid-July for the 2022 Sierra 1500 Limited.

So what does this mean? One could take away that the refreshed GMC Sierra is delayed and GMC will produce current generation trucks just a little bit longer to hold over during the delay.

It may also mean that the new Sierra will be a 2023 model year or maybe even a 2022.5, phased in with only certain trim levels going on sale this year.

Or, it may even mean that the new refreshed Sierra (of which we’ve had zero announcements of as of yet) will be produced in such limited numbers, GMC will need to continue to make the “old” model to keep supply up.

It’s interesting that Chevrolet, only this morning, announced the Silverado ZR2 would be unveiled later this fall. With 2022 production starting in September, this further points to a 2023 model year launch for the delayed Silverado/Sierra refresh.

Good things come to those that wait… but all-new trucks come to those who wait out the current semi-conductor shortage.