GMC Will Raise HUMMER EV Prices & Open Up 3X Orders This Summer
GMC Will Raise HUMMER EV Prices & Open Up 3X Orders This Summer

GMC is planning to raise the base price of the HUMMER EV and start allowing reservation holders of 3X models to place orders this summer.

The brand announced today that effective tomorrow, June 18th, 2022, any new HUMMER EV reservation will be subject to a $6,250 price increase. That’s not surprising, seeing that vehicle prices, on the whole, have risen tremendously over the past three years.

However, GMC is making a good marketing play- announcing that anyone who has a reservation already is locked into the previously announced pricing. And, better yet, GMC is giving anyone interested a last-minute chance to lock in that prior pricing by announcing the price increase one day before it goes into effect.

That places a new reservation MSRP for a HUMMER EV 3X pickup at $106,245, 2X pickup at $96,245 and the base 2 pickup at $86,245. HUMMER EV SUV pricing is extremely similar at the same trim levels.

At the same time, GMC also announced that 3X reservation holders will begin to turn their reservations into orders this summer. During the process, 3X buyers can choose what options and colors they’d like their new EV to come in. Available add-ons include a bigger 24-module battery pack that enables WTF mode, an extreme off-road package, and additional colors beyond First Edition White.

Stay tuned for more information on an official date that 3X ordering will begin and for more news about the GMC HUMMER EV.