Owners of some 2023-2024 Silverado and Sierra trucks have reported that the front heated seat indicator lights may not function as expected. Specifically, any combination of the three “on” indicator lights, or even all of them, may not illuminate when the heated seat function is activated.

The Diagnosis

Before you rush to your local GM service center demanding a new seat or control module, hold your horses. According to GM-Techlink, the issue seems to be linked to the A26 Front HVAC User Interface Control. And here’s the kicker: replacing parts won’t solve the problem, as the replacement parts will have the same issue. Updated parts are currently in development.

A26 Front HVAC User Interface Control (Courtesy GM-Techlink)
A26 Front HVAC User Interface Control (Courtesy GM-Techlink)

What to Do?

Firstly, don’t panic. Your heated seats are not on strike; they’re still warming your posterior as they should. The indicator lights are the only party poopers here. When you start your vehicle, the heated seats will be off by default. Pressing the heated seat switch will still cycle through the high, medium, low, and off settings, even if the lights don’t confirm it.

The Official Word

For those who love to dig into Technical Service Bulletins, you can refer to #PIT6073 for additional information.

The Bottom Line

While this may be a minor hiccup in the grand scheme of truck ownership, it’s essential to know that your heated seats are still operational. Just consider it a game of “heated seat roulette” for the time being, until GM rolls out the updated parts.