General Motors CEO Mary Barra is publicly offering up the companies manufacturing ability to help combat the Coronavirus. GM plants may soon start retooling to manufacture ventilators and other medical supplies.

Both Ford and GM have reached out to the US and UK governments to begin work on how the two automakers can support the fight by bringing back workers on a voluntary basis to help assemble medical supplies. Ventilators, masks, and gloves are in short supply and the company is willing to step up and help use their capacity to fill the demand.

Larry Kudlow, in an interview with Fox News Wednesday afternoon, stated:

“I spoke with two of the three big three carmakers today, and they want to get going as soon as they can. And actually one of them told me that even though the men and women may be off for two weeks due to the virus, she’s going to try to call them back so they can produce ventilators. And they might even ask them to do it on a voluntary basis for civic and patriotic reasons. That’s the kind of can-do spirit that we’re hearing and seeing.”