Get ready- the newest installment in the James Bond 007 movie franchise is almost here. And will have an inside look at the cars of the movie and how they came to life.

After attending a preview of the long-awaited James Bond thriller will interview No Time To Die car wrangler, Neil Layton. Neil is an action vehicles supervisor – coordinator who says he “Wants to push boundaries within vehicle effects and action vehicles to the limit, something that some would think is achieved by VFX (visual effect/CGI) but is actually achieved for real.”

How did we get lucky? We previously interviewed master vehicular illusionist Dennis McCarthy, Picture Car Coordinator for Fast & Furious 6 with it’s London-based crew and unforgettable four-wheel flip car.

No Time To Die
copyright 2013 by Thom Cannell

The interview will post soon after No Time To Die October 8th theatrical debut. Stay tuned.