Off-road vehicles are progressing rapidly. Here are two technologies to look for in yours.

Active Suspension

Many off-road vehicles have an adjustable suspension. However, the ability to adjust it meant getting out and manually changing it in the past. Newer designs allow the driver to change the suspension setting son the fly from inside. No need to unbuckle. “The Polaris DYNAMIX system is all about adapting to each riding situation,” Polaris engineer Brian Krosschell says. “It gives you options as a rider. You feel like you can have the comfort of a luxury sedan on a suburban road while you’re cruising or the handling precision of a sportscar on the track. These driving modes are available at the touch of a button.”

Although adaptability is mainly for comfort and traction, there is another benefit. Speed. A recent Polaris RZR test drive incorporating the DYNAMIX system allowed a pro driver to break a Polaris tuning-course record by running 10 mph faster than he did without active suspension.

Power Steering

Power steering has become more common in the past decade. “Ten years ago, power steering on off-road vehicles was simply nice to have, but now, it has been largely accepted as a must-have feature in the market,” Krosschell said. “Our goal is to drive electronic suspension control technology in the same direction – performance enthusiasts and riders who love the off road will appreciate and demand the features and benefits associated with DYNAMIX.”