Polaris off-road vehicles enable work in places too extreme for trucks.

For example, at the top of snow and ice-covered Picher Mountain in Stoddard, New Hampshire. Just a stone’s throw from the global HQ of GM-Trucks.com.

Two of our staff were getting our “Life Below Zero” fix this past winter weekend by hiking the 2,153-foot peak in the heart of ski country. During the hike, we met two gents from the New Hampshire Emergency Services team headed up to do needed repairs on some communications equipment. It was 10F at the base.

Picher Mountain is a nice easy hike in the summer or fall. However, in winter, the climb can be whatever you and the conditions make of it. We scaled it the hard way. Up the moose path, rather than the access trail to the top. As we began the trek, we saw the NH EMS guys unloading the coolest Polaris Ranger ever from the back of their trailer. We let them know we were headed up. It’s never a bad thing to have another group know you are around in the winter on a hike.

The Ranger was outfitted with a winter cabin and a set of bad-ass looking tracks instead of wheels. We asked the workers if the off-roader was as fun to drive up mountains as it looked and they replied, “So much better!”

The access road the Polaris drove up is not that extreme for the first 80%. However, near the top is almost vertical for sections of about 10 feet or so here and there. The road ends and the remaining 100 yards or so are actually a climb up and through a boulder field. On foot, it isn’t that tricky because one can pick each foot placement. We wondered how the Polaris Ranger would manage. The Polaris had no trouble scrambling up.

We highlight the fun of Polaris products frequently at GM-Trucks.com. We are glad we had an opportunity to witness the capabilities of the Polaris Ranger at work in some fun and challenging conditions.