Tesla’s newest product is an EV truck that hits the bullseye for every truck owner’s needs.

Tesla’s newest product, shown years in advance of its availability (in California) is just what every F-150, Silverado, Sierra, and Ram 1500 owner really wanted. First up, it was drawn by a 5th grader. I have to credit Joel Feder, my friend, and editor at Green Car Reports for that accurate description. Every truck owner knows that super different is what really sells well.


Also, the base rear-wheel drive only truck can drive for as many as 200 miles. Every business owner knows that a day of work never exceeds that and will welcome the chance to sit in the truck as it waits for a spot at the charger behind the library to become open. Or, you can drive up the highway 60 miles to get to your local Supercharger and charge there.  You still have to pay. Tesla ended free charging back a few broken promises ago.

The truck is also pretend bullet-proof.  Elon musk promises that a 9 mm FMJ round will not penetrate the vehicle or its glass. To prove this, he had a minion named Franz (not making that up) smack the truck in the window with a silver ping pong ball. The window shattered, but don’t you worry, yours won’t have the defective glass. Who doesn’t want a truck that is pretend bulletproof against a nine? Nevermind that everyone who caries moved to 40-cal back before the internet and that a 5.56 round would go through and through.

The pre-production truck has some impressive specs. You can check them out yourself without the snarky commentary here at Tesla’s official website.  We’d tell you the prices but after years of watching the green vehicle media be lied to by Tesla’s media support members about Tesla prices, why should we truck media folks bother?  If it is any help, the subcompact sedan the company sells has an average transaction price of ~$55K.