The UAW strike is heating up, and if you’re a GM truck owner or enthusiast, you’ll want to know how this labor unrest could hit home—literally in your garage. From potential vehicle shortages to skyrocketing prices, we’ve got the latest updates and what they mean for you. Buckle up, folks; this ride is about to get bumpy.

UPDATE 9/29/2023: UAW Strike Expands: Lansing Delta Assembly & Chevrolet Traverse / Buick Enclave Latest Targets

The Strike: A Quick Recap

The United Auto Workers (UAW) union has been on strike since September 15, targeting General Motors, Ford, and Stellantis. The strike has already impacted one assembly plant at each of the Detroit Three and 38 parts distribution centers at GM and Stellantis. As of now, about 18,300 UAW members are on strike, which is only about 12% of the total number of union members working at these automakers. The UAW is demanding a 40% pay hike over a four-year contract, a position supported by President Joe Biden.

The brand new Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 is made at a factory that is currently striking.
The brand new Chevrolet Colorado ZR2 is made at GM’s Wentzville Assembly – which is currently striking.

The Nitty-Gritty: What Are They Fighting For?

The UAW is pushing for some significant changes, including the elimination of the two-tier wage system, under which new hires can earn far less than veterans. This is a sticking point that has been a source of contention for years. The union is also pushing for cost-of-living increases and job security, which the automakers have so far rejected.

An infographic showing the details of General Motors September 14th offer to the UAW
An infographic showing the details of General Motors September 14th offer to the UAW

The Latest: What’s New?

According to a recent Reuters article, the UAW could expand its strike to additional facilities as soon as Friday if there is no significant progress in labor negotiations. The union’s list of potential next strike targets includes engine and transmission facilities, as well as factories producing large pickup trucks and SUVs. A wider strike could cost the automakers billions of dollars in revenue and profit.

A statement from the UAW's Website after GM's initial proposal on September 7th, 2023
A statement from the UAW’s Website after GM’s initial proposal on September 7th, 2023

The Clock is Ticking

The UAW has set a deadline. If there’s no serious progress by Friday, they plan to expand the strike, targeting more facilities, including those that produce large pickup trucks and SUVs. This move could be a game-changer, affecting not just the companies but also consumers like you.

What’s at Stake for GM Truck Owners?

If the strike expands to include factories producing large pickup trucks and SUVs, it could have a direct impact on the availability of new GM trucks. According to a New York Times article, a prolonged strike could make it harder for people to repair their vehicles and reduce the demand for parts needed to make new vehicles. Dealers may also push up prices as popular models become scarce.

Prepare for Chaos as UAW Strike Expands with General Motors in the Crosshairs
Parts for GM vehicles like the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra are already dwindling. 

The Domino Effect: Dealers and Parts

A prolonged strike could have a ripple effect that goes beyond just the automakers. Dealers are likely to push up prices for existing inventory, and the most profitable part of their business—vehicle servicing—could take a hit due to parts shortages. This could lead to layoffs among mechanics and even bankruptcy among smaller suppliers.

The Economic Ripple Effect

The strike has already caused some layoffs among automotive suppliers, ranging from seat makers to steelworkers. Nearly 700 auto suppliers could be hurt by the strike, according to supply chain monitoring company Resilinc. If the strike persists, the economic spillovers could worsen, affecting even more businesses and workers.

The extremely popular and profitable Silverado HD. The Flint Assembly where it's made could be next to strike.
The extremely popular and profitable Silverado HD. The Flint Assembly, where it’s made, could be next to strike.

Should You Hold Off on That New GM Truck Purchase?

Given the current uncertainties and how badly you need a new vehicle,  it might be prudent to hold off on purchasing a new GM truck or move quickly. The strike could affect the availability of new models and even parts for repairs. If you’re in the market for a new truck, you might want to wait until the labor situation stabilizes if you can. But if you really need a new truck, it might be best to go out and purchase in the near future before things get worse. The longer the strike lasts, the harder it will be to buy a new vehicle as more and more assembly lines are pulled into limbo.

Final Thoughts

The UAW strike is not just a labor issue; it’s a complex situation with far-reaching implications for GM truck owners and enthusiasts. From potential vehicle shortages to the future of electric trucks, the strike could shape the automotive landscape in unpredictable ways. Keep your eyes peeled and your ears to the ground, GM truck aficionados. This ride is far from over.