Drivers on I-380 were put in danger last week after the driver of a new Silverado RST started behaving erratically and began a massive smoke show in the middle of the highway. Lucky for you, however, it was caught all on video.

If the video doesn’t load on your device, click here to watch it directly. 

Amy Hackworth Dugger was driving in Iowa on I-380 last Tuesday when she recorded the above driver of a newer 2019 or 2020 Chevrolet Silverado RST doing a massive burnout on the highway. Sounds cool right? Not so much. The resulting smoke show and totally crazy driving caused a lot of trouble for the other drivers on the road.

The title of the video set, “That’s it – I’m going home and not leaving again!” is a clue to how not fun driving around a jerk like this.

Another driver who was behind Amy commented about the situation:

“We were behind y’all a few cars and didn’t know it. It looked like he had punched the front windshield and broken it in several places too. I could see the smoke but couldn’t see what was going on.”

While we all enjoy having a little fun in our Silverado or Sierra, this is pretty much the poster boy example of how not to do it.

According to the comment thread, the driver of the Silverado was arrested but could not confirm those details.

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