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  1. I haven't gotten around to it yet. It's so odd. Seems like when I go above 70 MPH is when it (typically the left rear) gets unlinked.
  2. Maybe. Odd thing happened last night. They were all working when I left work and right around the 10 mile mark the "Service TPMS" message came up. When I checked them, the two rear sensors were blank. Never happened with two before. I think I am going to just start all over with a fresh set and see how that works.
  3. Digging this thread up from the dead. Long story short. Installed a leveling kit on my 2019 Trail Boss and new wheels and tires. Bought a new set of TPMS sensor to make install easier. The factory sensors in my truck are 433mhz and that is what I replaced them with. Bought the learn tool and get them programmed just fine for about 10 miles then one sensor (usually the left/rear) will go blank. I work at an Mercedes-Benz dealership and some of the techs here think it is because of the leveling kit and different wheel/tire size. I went with 17" wheels and 315/70- 17 tires. I don't think it's the physical relation to the TPMS module myself. Any ideas?
  4. Can you post a pick of the installed part? Did it come with the transmitter for that price? Thanks.
  5. I've been doing a lot of checking on this. at my dealership today they gave me a part number for a truck with a vin number that had the light and dark titaium interior. The part number is 25977608. if you need a VIN you can use 3GTP2WE34BG139545. I priced it at dealership for $325. Found it on GMPARTSDIRECT.com for $183 plus $46 for shipping. hope this works. please post and let the rest of us know I actually saw a new Silverado on the dealers lot today with a Crew Cab, rear sliding power window and the universal home remote. I had spoken to the parts counter guy before walking around the lot while my oil was being changed. Anyway, I snapped a photo of the VIN and took it back inside to the parts guy and the part number he gave me was 22780471. This is for the console only. You still have to buy the switch. The dealer price is $213 for just the console and $142 for the transmitter. GM Parts Direct is $125 for the console and whatever their ridiculous shipping and handling fee is. Still cheaper than the GM Stealer! I am going to go ahead and order the console, probably after Christmas though, and see if works. If it looks right, then I will order the transmitter. Here is a link to the window sticker of the vehicle I saw today... You can see it has the "Convenience Package" and sliding rear window. http://www.gmbuypower.com/ws/nvlWindowSticker.vs?make=ch&makeDescrip=Chevrolet&style=1500,%204wd,%20short%20crew&makeId=001&vehicleModel=/images/gmbp/13001/vehicle/2012/med/2012.gif&year=2012&sellingSource=13&subModel=&subModelId=&BAC=224006&modelId=&pvc=82502&mmc=CK10543&modelDesignator=CK10543&brand=&model=&type=1LT&typeDescrip=1LT&styleDescrip=1500,%204wd,%20short%20crew&styleId=1500,%204wd,%20short%20crew&partnerID=900001&userType=&tempUserType=&searchType=4&VIN=3GCPKSE76CG133842&nav=&iPi=5&fPi=5&dPath=FRDP&linksInCCT=true&zip=32817&dealerName=CARL%20BLACK%20CHEVROLET%20BUICK%20GMC%20OF%20ORLANDO&dealerURL=http://www.carlblackchevybuickgmc.com/en_US/HomePage&distance=0.0&dealerStreet=11500%20E%20COLONIAL&dealerCity=ORLANDO&dealerRegionCode=FL&dealerPostalcode=32817-4605&dealerBpManagerName=Dan%20%20Oshea&dealerBpPhone=(407)%20426-3000&nameplateids=001^004^012^ But, at least GM makes the part. I saw it with my own eyes today.
  6. I'm in the same boat. 2011 with power rear window and w/out a sunroof.
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