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  1. I took it to the local chevy dealer, they've never heard of the problem before and said "investigating" the problem would take a few days and cost at least $1000... I was hoping someone else had heard of the problem at least. as for using a "real scanner" on it, it was a SnapOn Verus that I was using, I know it isn't a Tech 2 being used by a GM Tech, but still...
  2. Hey All, I've got a 2008 Tahoe, and its having an odd problem, the instrument cluster and the passanger airbag lights in the overhead console display are resetting (like what happens when you first start the truck) in cold weather (anything below 5c) and until the vehicle warms up, they keep resetting. I have tried re-seating the instrument panel, but that did not do anything, Also, I have had a scantool hooked up to the truck while this was happeing with no issues showing, and data never cut to the scantool during the resets. I am not sure what would cause this, but any help or suggestions would be great! Thanks,

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