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  1. Is why I'm posting /asking on this forum. I don't have access to shop manuals without purchasing them. And every GM parts and service rep I've talked to has no idea either. I will look into performance trucks... Thank you. I don't know what parts I keep tearing up. This time it's something different /new. It's stuck in my driveway. Hasn't been towed to shop yet. I've yet to launch awd at the track but have on the street.
  2. I keep having it rebuilt and I keep shredding it. I have high hp/torque motor/trans. I have two friends both running over 1200hp.(drag race in both 4hi/awd and rwd) Their trucks came with the stock NP8 and neither have had any issues. Everyone I've talked to basically says that they're(the NP8) pretty much bullet proof. So... I'd also like to retain the push button functionality of the autotrac 2wd, awd, 4hi and 4low feature. Thanks in advance for any help/recommendations
  3. Can the Mp3023 be swapped out for the NP8? Was an available option for same year but are the pin outs/wiring harness the same? This Mp3023 is the weakest link in my drivetrain. I keep destroying it. Any suggestions on upgrading? Or do I just Need the heavier duty NP8? Thanks.
  4. The PRNDL works fine If I clear the check engine light/code. Everything that I mentioned works perfect UNTIL it's cycles twice and the check engine light comes back on.
  5. Thanks, what is that rear off of? Basically need a bigger rear axle that retains the factory electronics and that can also be upgraded to handle very high hp and torque
  6. Thank you. Would you happen to know how many bolts on that 9.76" rear axle? Also, what about the humvee H2 rear axle? Wasn't that bigger and have all the electronics?
  7. Haven't seen this issue covered in my year/body style on here. 08 Gmc Sierra crew cab Slt 4x4. I've swapped my 4L60 for a 4L80 and now have check engine light and some of my electronics don't work. ie, the prndl indicator, reverse lights, reverse tilting/parking mirrors, backup/parking sensors and the Rev limiter in park. I read somewhere that there's an adapter /box that you can add on to remedy this but I can't find it. Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  8. Haven't seen my year group covered with this swap. 08-13 body style. Need some help please. I have an 08 1500 crew SLT 4x4 and need a rear axle that will handle high HP and torque. Would this be possible to swap in same body style HD rear axle as I would like to retain all electronics, posi and traction control. (I know the HD is 3" wider and 8lug... That's not a concern) also, gear ratio is not a concern.(it has to be changed anyways) Any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
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