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  1. Check Engine Light

    ISO / SAE Code?
  2. P016b I had this code pop up on my 2012 GMC Sierra with the 4.8L this morning. I reset it on my way to work and it never came back on. I cannot find a definitive answer on what this code represent? Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  3. Weird transmission Issues

    What is considered Hot? the max temp have seen on the tranny is around 170*F The part that baffles me is that the last time this happened the trans was cold. Stopping it for 2-3 mins resets something and it works fine.
  4. Weird transmission Issues

    Glad to know I'm not the only one. Seems to be an odd issue and the fact that is can be fixed by letting the truck sit for a couple mins is strange.
  5. Weird transmission Issues

    4L60E.. Forgot to mention truck has 180 000 km on it
  6. Fairly new to posting here, I have a 2012 Sierra 4x4 4.8L. I'll take you back almost a year ago, I was taking the family somewhere in my truck and stopped for gas. The truck was off for approx 5 mins while I fueled like I normally do. I started the truck cleared my odometer like I always do and put it in drive and proceeded to pull out of the gas station. I was immediately greeted with the hardest 1-2 shift I have ever experienced, I continued down the road thinking that was strange and had to stop at the next light. The same thing happens almost like the tranny is shifting at full line pressure. The shifts were so hard that the tires wanted to slip. I felt like the tranny was going so I drove it to our location and it sat for around 20 mins. I got back in and everything was back to normal. Shifting fine nothing out of the normal. Checked for codes and there was nothing pending. Fast forward to this morning. Started the truck with a remote start, ran for 2 mins and I jumped in, Forgot to put my keys in the ignition and went to shift into gear and the truck shut off. I restarted with the keys ( like I should have) and proceeded down the driveway where I was once again greeted with full line pressure for the shift. This time it was with all gears but felt more pronounced with the 1-2. I tried pressing the tow haul button to see if this changed anything and it didn't. I pulled over shut the truck off and restarted with no change. I continued driving to work and stopped for gas, the truck was off for approx 5 mins and started up and everything is back to normal. I don't know if this is a computer glitch or if its a sign of the transmission failure. The fluid is a nice reddish pinkish color and the fluid level is spot on. Transmission temp was normal. Any advice?
  7. 2012 4.8L Last summer it never got beyond 210*F this spring and summer it gets to about 225* before the fans kick in and bring the temp down. If I am cruising on the Hwy my temps are around 192*. My Aftermarket deck tells me, exact temps, it worried me at first but I have come to the conclusion it is normal.
  8. Follow the instructions that came with the kit. When I put the leveling kit on my truck I didn't read the instructions for the first side and I fought with it for about 90mins. after I finally decided to look at the instructions I did the passenger side in about 10 mins.
  9. High Idle

    I don't believe the intake gasket is the culprit. The truck runs too good and doesn't have any other symptoms. I'm not sure I like the idea of spraying highly flammable starting fluid over a very hot engine. I should add that it doesn't always exhibit this symptom
  10. High Idle

    I've come across an issue and I don't know where to start. My Truck a 2012 Sierra 4.8L runs and drives great, Usually, after a long highway drives my idle will slowly begin to creep up. (Normal Idle is around 530 RPM at Operating Temp). Sometimes it makes it as high as 800 RPM at idle. If I shut the truck off and let it sit 5-10 mins the idle will come back to normal. I've cleaned the throttle body. Air conditioning on or off does not make a difference, and operating temps are 190-225. 225 in heavy traffic situations Any suggestions on where or what to look for.
  11. Fast blinker, grounding issue?

    More than likely your LED tail lights are the culprit. Not enough resistance on the circuit.
  12. Morimoto Elite HID

    I have a HID kit on my 2012 Sierra and I wouldn't be able to go back to standard bulbs. The Difference is huge, I run standard bulbs in the high beams and a led in the fogs. I also placed a 22" light bar in the center bumper slot which pretty much gets washed out in the wake of the HIDS. If you are looking to lighten up your drive you will not be disappointed. if you would like I can take pictures and post so you can see what the look like (projection wise)
  13. I had a 06 with the 4.8L in the same version, I bought it with 160xxxkm and drove it to 380xxxkm. All original no rust and well taken care of. I sold it for 3 grand less than what I paid for it. This is a great truck^^
  14. Popping, skipping, jumping in 4wd

    When you place it in 4x4 are you putting it in auto? and does it have the same symptoms when in 4 Lo?
  15. The JDM Fog Lamp bulbs that you are considering Will NOT be bright. I put something similar in my truck and light output was drastically reduced from factory bulbs. The color is a match (about 5000k) to my HIDs but as for output, they are no good.

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