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  1. On my 2004 k2500hd 6.0, my Oil pressure gauge is maxed. I think it is either a gauge or sender problem. It's been giving my problem for a while, 1st time it messed up, it droped pressure to nothing. No warning lights or messages come on. Is there a way to tell if it's the sender or gauge? If I buy a good scaner will it read the oil pressure from the sender?
  2. 8.1 were rare in 2004, if I hadn't got talked into a real sweetdeal when back in 2004, I'd ordered a 8.1 6 speed man. Hind site is 20/20. I don't need a bigger truck just a bigger weight plate. Just more hp/torque is always better, plus double digit mpg. I've pulled more weight, just in shorter height, 8 6x6 round hay bales. But I was on back roads and never got above 35, except for a couple of highway miles.
  3. I have a 2004 6.0 k2500hd 5 speed manual. I'm getting 34ft jayco eagle 5th wheel that my in laws are going to be staying in this summer. I think that it's in my range empty, but will get over wt with well anything in it. What year diesel allison combo are best. Has to be ext or crew cab short bed 4x4, so I am in 2500hd.
  4. from my first I drove to till now. 1974 f-100 swb (Sally) was dads truck but when he traded it in on new 1984 ranger pos. I cried like I'd lost my best dog. I was 6 months old when she got bought. used to sit in Daddy lap and steer. 3 on the tree with 302. cons it'd bed had rusted some because of years of hauling cows and other stuff, and not cleaning out the bed regular. it grew grass every once in awhile. 1984 f-150 300-6 4 speed bulldog. another of dads trucks, but I learned to drive in it. Dad sold it in 1992 to get a new truck. I still see it around town it and it was over 150k when he sold it in 92. 1972 VW super beatle great little car died the hard way from bad brakes and bald tires on a rain/ice covered back road after a little rabbit ran across the road, it went over a 30 foot bank rolling 3 times on the way down. 1971 VW supper beatle junk car I bought to put the motor out of the 72, I beat the snot out of it. Mom's sister rode with me once and embarassed mom. she convinced me to trade it in on a 85 escort, she payed the difference. 1984 escort no power, could go off road in it, only thing good about it was it had a good radio and got killer mpg. sold it my sister 1972 c-10 long wheel base 3 speed on the tree, 350 bolt main. I got it from the man dad sold his 84 to as part of the deal. Cons rust lots of rust. and it was an icky color of green and white. and it's power brakes would some times stop you on a dime sometimes not in a 40 acre field. Mom was with me and we missed the turn off and had to go and turn around and come back. 1991 ford f-150 SWB 300-6 5 speed. mom cosigned on it to get me to park the 1972. not supper on power, but would tow any thing I could find to hook it up to and could hit the speed limiter in the top 3 gears. took 100 miles of every thing I could put it through, inc 4 wreaks and a 3 am miss turn in a paster field that took it up a motor cycle ramp that we survived but the steering wheel was 1/4 turn off to the left. 1996 it got T-boned at an intersection but a woman in a van. It got pick up in the air and bounced off a tree. tore hunks out of the pavement when it landed. I'd stoped at a stop sign, look both way and she came across a hill at aleast 60 in a 20. knock the rear axle spring off on one side and the frame off the 6 inchs. frame guy said it wasn't worth fixing it. 1989 nissan 2wd, good liitle truck, I'd bought it for my 1st wife. sold it to my brother in law for a flagg truck when we split up. 1968 c-10 swb 350 with 3 speed in the floor with a hurst shifter kit, with headers into cherry bombs to 3 in pipes turned out under the doors. I bought the body and headers when the guy let his motor freeze and bust. stuck the 350 out of the 72 in. truck of a million stories. cons 8 mpg, every police that came by it took 3 more looks, it had some charactor marks (was doing donuts in a wide spot in the road and it got a little loose and smacked the bank.), load exhust that gave you a head ache from the drone, and manual brakes and steering (not really a con to me). I put it in retirment while I had an 88 k2500, then it I brought it out on the road till I traded it to a friend for a 1973 jeep truck with no brakes. 1988 k-2500 regular cab. great truck till it burned in the driveway and the 68 had to go back on the road. 1973 jeep truck never got out of the field, till my brother in law used it for a month. over heated it, just added straight water to it. leading to a busted block. traded it for a stud fee for one of the mares. 1988 toyota 4x4 niffty liitle truck went everywhere, plenty of power for a 4 cyclender. traded in for 1995 gmc Z-71. 1995 GMC Z-71, regular cab, step side, 350 5 speed. flowmaster. I loved that truck. killer power, would kick sideways on a rolling stomp. would bury the 100 mph speedometer. cons not theft deterent, and looked and sounded to good for them to pass up. lasted 15 in the mall parking lot till it got gone. never seen since. 1976 VW beatle I'd bought for my then wife, now ex wife. I drove it till I got dads old 1992 back from my bother in law. 1992 f 150 300-6 auto swb. good little truck. CC stoped up, i had daul cherry bombs put on it. traded it in for a 2001 k 1500 when my wife left me. 2001 k 1500 5 speed swb 4.8 L, good truck, not alot of neck wrenching power in that baby v8, but still good enouph. only problem was I got more family then I had seats when I married my current wife. 2004 k 2500 hd 6.0 only problem is it is pain in tight places, and I should've got the 8.1.
  5. rascal

    Where you from?

    It gets kinda complicated for me. I was born in claiborne county TN, still offically live there too, but got a house in middlesboro ky that I got along with my wife along with 2 stepdaughters, that I sleep at more. If I can ever get anyone to buy the dang them then I'm building a family size house on the farm, kinda hard to fit a wife and 3 kids into 24 x 24 farm house.
  6. Claiborne County, TN. New Tazewell is where my post office is. Thats about 28 miles north of Knoxville tn
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