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  1. JRock, I am interested in the weather tech mats and visors pm me a packaged deal price shipped to 07950 NJ. Also would be interested in the tonneau but shipping would probably kill it. I'll pm you my cell for pics. Thanks, Derek
  2. I'll take it as long as shipping isn't too bad. If you let me know the dimensions and weight of the box I can check shipping. Or it would be going to Pompton Lakes, NJ 07442. Derek
  3. My buddy and I did mine by pulling inner fenders on each side. Obviously pulling both manifolds, cleaning the end of the broken bolt, building it up with weld and then tack welding a nut to the weld. Both came right out after a couple of tries. No drilling tapping or pulling the head. Derek
  4. Chris, Awesome to hear! Sounds like a great deal! Derek
  5. 2009 Tahoe SSV (Work truck) 2003 Silverado 1500HD crew cab 4x4 1997 Camaro SS 1967 Camaro SS And the wife's car is an 09 acura MDX http://img.tapatalk.com/d/13/08/31/ahuhade3.j
  6. If it is only $1500 I would go for the newer one. If you are getting a 2500 it is going to be the same truck. Don't believe they are changing the 2500 until next model year. It is nicer to have the heavier truck but the gas mileage is worse with the 6.0 liter. Not sure on your weight for the travel trailer but it might be safer with the 2500.
  7. I didn't have the exact same symptoms as you but mine would lock then unlock and not lock again on the highway. Did some reading on this site and the solution to mine was a crank position sensor relearn. Did they with a SnapOn scanner believe it was a Modus and all is good now.
  8. I have the same sound and slight feeling in the steering wheel. Does it when I turn left or right. I will be interested to see what the fix is for this. I don't drive my truck enough to fix it right now (have 24/7 use of my work truck). My truck is super clean and very well maintained by the previous owner. Just replaced a bunch of wearing items and all fluids. Has 99k on it.
  9. Do you have any pics? What part number is it and if you don't know what are the dimensions of it length width and size of the inlet and exit. My buddy has a Tahoe and was looking to replace his muffler. Also where are you in jersey? Derek
  10. I knew you guys would know! Thanks for the clarification.
  11. Has anyone heard if or when a K2 HD will be out or if they are gonna keep them the "Classic" body style for the first year?
  12. Truck looks badda$$. With the lift and 35s you might want to check into doing gears. Not sure what gears you have now. What is awful? I get 10mpg with my 03 city driving. Leveled on 33s with 3.73s.
  13. I have had FLP, Kooks and dynatech headers on my camaros and have never had a problem with using ARP stainless header bolts with the 5/16th 12 point head (think they were just alittle longer then stock) I believe I used the Percy's gaskets and have never had a leak at the header flange. When I first put them on I would keep a small wrench in the car to check the bolts and tighten them up just before driving it for the first month or so. Would only take me 2 mins to do all of them and that was in my 97 Camaro. Very tight engine compartment! Oh and as mentioned don't forget the anti seize.
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