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  1. MS3DALE's post in Anyone recognize this wheel? was marked as the answer   
    Yep...those are off of a GMT400 Tahoe Z71, around the '99-2000 model-year.
  2. MS3DALE's post in Skid Plate bolts 11518341 was marked as the answer   
    11518341 - BOLT, HEX, M10X1.5X25, 14 THD, 28 OD, 6202M, 7114M, TAP, TR-PT (ENG SHLD)
  3. MS3DALE's post in K47 Hi Capacity air cleaner for GMT900 was marked as the answer   
    Just the element is different,its just a little thicker..(IE-more filtering media)
  4. MS3DALE's post in 2009 Suburban parts compatability was marked as the answer   
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