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  1. Out of curiosity, was wondering what you used to compress the front springs, during the replacement. So far, haven't found anything beefy enough that I'd use on a truck application.
  2. Just received the same quote for the "high durability" option from Fraser. In writing, it's the best deal I've ever seen. Hope to see periodic updates. Well done.
  3. I agree. It should. Unfortunately, I don't trust the AFM lifters - even when they're tuned out. Realize this is probably nothing more than a personal phobia, considering the odds. One other thing.........notice how low you can kneel your vehicle with a lift? My jack stands can't compete. That is, unless I dig a hole.
  4. It was the 5-year part that seemed unrealistic. Anyways, the best part of your whole experience, me thinks, is the shop your business lucked in to. Sometimes, almost willing to kill for a lift. Well done.
  5. Fraser motor? How'd you get a 5-year, unlimitied?
  6. Looking at the valley cover, another AFM engine?
  7. Asked a reasonable question, with no response. Learning where not to post.
  8. Wondering if anyone ever tried adding VVT to an early Gen IV (2008) 5.3? I can visualize most of the additional parts that would be needed, but was wondering if a different ECM would be required? Thanks.
  9. On something that old, I'd probably clip the wires and use a standard deep well (flank drive) socket. The special sockets aren't usually that strong.
  10. Had a discussion, recently. More of a bar bet, than anything. Was trying to remember the year/years, engine, and platform that was outfitted with AFM hardware, but never activated. Always wondered about the durability of AFM components. Perhaps the L92 could provide us with some insight?
  11. It's a small point, but they are two completely different sensors. You would never be able to mistake one for the other. I don't care for the AFM aspect of the LC9; but, it forced GM to find another place for the knock sensors; and, that's one good thing about the re-design.
  12. Assuming the L96 knock sensors are underneath the intake, so that's one of the things that might have to be considered - harness wise.
  13. Even if the rumored collaboration was true, Hilti's probably gone their own way by now. Nice videos.
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