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  1. That looks great. Mind if I ask how much your shop charged for that? I might have to do the same to mine.
  2. I couldn't take the useless Goodyear SRA's anymore so I went with 275/65/R18 since these are only used in the winter and I would like to get the best MPG I can. Night and day difference. Summer Set up
  3. I have the same dash rattle as the OP. Very annoying on rough streets.
  4. 285/55/20 on GM Accessory wheels, I think the wheels came out around 2005, not many sets around. 2" TGC level.
  5. Indeed, extended cabs too. I liked the orange but not sure I could handle it for multiple years.
  6. Traded my '13 for this last Friday the 13th. 2" level and 285/55/20 BFG AT's on GM accessory wheels waiting to go on.
  7. Ever get up north into wisconsin? I am looking for a bedliner for mine.
  8. Here is my 2013 Blue Topaz CC, picked it up last night.
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