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    2005 Silverado Z71 5.3L 6inch lift 35s
  1. Installing Mossy Oak Rocker Panels

    Guess I'm not installing it tell spring
  2. Installing Mossy Oak Rocker Panels

    I'm getting the Mossy Oak camo rocker panels. Its going to be the new Break-Up Infinity 12 inches by 22 feet and the camo Z71. Problem is it states you need to install it in a garage out of the sun that's at least 60 degrees and leave it there for 12 hours. All of that is no problem except for it's much colder than 60. Does it really matter that much?
  3. 6 inch suspension+ 3 inch body on 35s

    Love the truck! Those are the 35s right? Did you notice a big difference on mpg from 35s to 37s? Did you regear it also?
  4. 2014 Aftermarket Accessories

    Pro Comp made the first 6 inch lift for the 2014s
  5. 6 inch suspension+ 3 inch body on 35s

    Yeah I think im going to go with a Performance lift for like $280. It comes with everything except the gap covers. And do you have any pictures of when you had your truck?
  6. 6 inch suspension+ 3 inch body on 35s

    What is a cheaper but still decent quality body lift? How much is a 3 inch body lift i only know about the suspension lifts.
  7. 6 inch suspension+ 3 inch body on 35s

    No I don't go off road to much but I do go mudding occasionally and trive through some pretty rough pastures sometimes
  8. I have an 05 silverado with a 6 inch suspension lift and 35s. Its a Z71 so it does set a couple inches higher than the 2wd. I've been thinking about putting a 3 inch body lift on to get my truck the distance of setting pretty high. The thing is my gas milage is bad enough and I don't wanna run 37s because of this and I don't want to regear. Would this setup look bad? Would the tires be to small? Pics would be nice but iv searched around and not finding a whole lot.
  9. Alright thanks everybody for the help! I'll order them soon and put them on. Also do you guys like the 36 inch decals on the back window that are a chevy bowtie?
  10. quote name="kstruckcountry" post="1377422" timestamp="1385582233"]IMO it would look best without any, but it's your truck, if you like them put em on. I like the clean look on black trucks. Do you think a white truck will look better with those on it then the stock red ones?
  11. I'm needing something new to do to my truck. Do you think the black 07-13 Z71 logo would look good on my truck. I posted a picture it has black moto metal wheels on a 6 inch lift with 35s. I have the toolbox in and a black bowtie and I painted the grill black and black tail light covers. Do you think the black new Z71 logo would look good?
  12. Flowmaster 10 vs 40 series

    So is it very loud though? What about just driving around town?
  13. Flowmaster 10 vs 40 series

    I put a lot of money into my truck with a 6 inch lift kit and 35s and wasn't wanting to spend alot on exhaust setup. I don't want a real nice tip just something that looks good and a super 40
  14. Flowmaster 10 vs 40 series

    150 $?! Thats a bit outta my price range for a tip
  15. Flowmaster 10 vs 40 series

    I really just want one tip but those are nice

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