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  1. I know this is an old post...... But....... Did you ever solve your rattle? I have one too @ 139,000 miles. Next week it goes into the shop for front end work..... idles arm, pitman arm, ball joints (all 4), shocks (all 4), tires (all 4), tranny cooler lines and while I'm at it a set of new aftermarket rims.... heck why not it's already costing me a small mint!! Hoping this work will solve the rattle and tire wear issues I'm starting to experience!!
  2. I have a 2009 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 4x4 Crew..... it appears the previous owner cranked the torsion bars to almost level the front end and possibly did a front wheel well clearance mod (??? not 100% positive). It is currently rolling a set of Hankook ATM 285/75/16's on the factory 16" aluminum rim, with no rubbing and about 5/8-3/4" of clearance at full turn on the rear side of the front wheel well. It's time for new tires and I was thinking about rims as well. So here lies my question.... What will fit? I originally wanted to put another 285/17/16 (BFG KO2's) onto a 16x8 rim that has an offset of +10. But don't think that will work after a little research. I'm now thinking of a 265/75/16 (BFG KO2's) on the same rim (16x8 @ +10 offset). Does anyone "know" if this setup will fit... without any additional trimming??? Here is a link to illustrate my current application (285/75/16 on 16x6.5" wide w/ +28 offset factory rims) vs. the application I'm thinking about (265/75/16 on 16x8" wide w/ +10 offset - Ultra Rogue Black Rims). Looks like it should fit to my untrained eye?? Link: http://www.willtheyfit.com/index.php?width=285&aspect=75&diameter=16&wheelwidth=6.5&offset=28&width2=265&aspect2=75&diameter2=16&wheelwidth2=8&offset2=10 Also hoping the change from a less aggressive looking Hankook ATM 285/75r16 "ballooned up" on a narrow factory rim to a BFG KO2 265/75r16 "filling out" on wider (1.5") aftermarket rim will help keep that "full" looking wheel well (with added fender flares).... along with gain me back a little gas mileage and towing power. Does anyone have a picture of a 265/75 vs. 285/75??? Also thinking of lowering the front end back down about 3/8-1/2" to gain back a little ride quality Here is how it sits currently.....
  3. I'm thinking I'll stick with the HID's, as they put far more light to the ground..... I'll replace both the high and low beams and do the relay power adder. Then I'll have spare ballasts for everything!
  4. Yes, still debating which route to go with this..... as I really lilke the HID's, but also want local off the shelf availability!! Over lunch I checked pricing of the Silverstars @ Fleet Farm. The H11 (low beam) is ~$32/set, 9005 (high beam) is $20 each and they didn't have the 5202 (fogs). So if I have to order them either way.... for the same price.... I may as well go all out and get the HID's!!?? We also run the standard SilverStars in the wife's Denali. It is a far better light then the stock halogen..... but a real pisser to change if the bulb goes bad!!
  5. Got a question for you folks....... When I purchased my pickup truck, it had HID headlight kits installed (and still does). I currently have one (the drivers side) that is giving me fits / issues, and will cut out after 10-15 minutes of use now that the warmer spring weather has arrived. It's done it a couple times over the winter months, but would usually come back on if I flicked the head light dash switch off and back on.... it seems to have gotten progressively worse, as it won't turn back on with a flick of the switch, so I'm guessing it's the ballast on its way out. So the question is.... 1) Do I purchase new HID kits, both high (9005) and low (H11) beam and the relay wiring kit for the low beams (Online) from DDM Tuning (which has many good reviews from what I've read). I've read the relay kit is a good idea for the low beam / daytime running lamp. Note: I can buy both high & low HID kits, relay kit and shipping for about $95. -or- 2) Do I just purchase both high and low beam Sylvania SilverStars and put them in (which I can readily purchase locally)??? Both for about $85. I really like the light the HID's provided, but like the local availability of the SilverStars. Any thoughts..... Thanks __________________
  6. That does look good too..... nice use for the bumper hole!!
  7. Well, I got the LineX installed on Wednesday morning.... it looks great! Now only time will tell if it matches all the hipe it recieves!! I allowed it to "cure" untill Saturday evening..... then I installed the Access Low Profile tonnuea cover, tailgate seal kit and a set ot Putco tube style bed rails (which I scored off Craig's List for $50 while I was in Fargo getting the liner installed)! Looks like a completely different machine now.
  8. Very true.... all I've read is that "the quality is in the prep work", for most any liner!
  9. Nice, I just came across this post and really like the cleance lights under the tailgate.... almost better than a line of fire light bar. Just may have to do this one myself!! Thanks for the write-up!
  10. FOR SALE: Leer Bed Cap (Topper) and BedRug Bed Liner for a 2007-2013 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD or 3500HD pickup's with the 6.5' box. Bed Cap Model # 100XL/65GSOCC (Leer Color Code: Black 41). - Drivers Side flip up window for easy access - Passanger Side slider - Front slider/flip up/removable - Carpeted/Insulated interior - Dome light - Garment hanger - Missing lock keys. BedRug - Gray in color. - With bed, sides and gate protection (and bed to gate gap cover). - Gray in color Both items are used, but in good (BedReg) and very good (Leer Topper) condition. Removing these items due to upcoming installation of LineX Liner and Goose Neck / 5th Wheel Hitch. New the topper sold for $2200+ (@ Radco), and the Bed Liner for $400+ (@ Radco). Total $2600+ New, Get these items together for less then a 1/3rd the price of new, and near new condition. Asking $800 cash for both as package deal, local pick up only (Fergus Falls, MN - Near Fargo, ND) All "REASONABLE" offers will be considered!!! As I'd rather not store them (outside) for the winter.... but if low balled they can sit in the tall grass Please PM me if interested & Thanks for looking!!
  11. I picked up a Access TonnoSport last night.... made in USA (Jamestown, ND)!
  12. I'm excited to see how you like it and it holds up over time..... it looked like a good product! Are you having it professionally sprayed or diy?
  13. Well..... I scheduled my LineX Liner for next week, Wednesday morning. FYI - Quoted price $510 (over the rails). I asked about a serviceman (military, policem & fire) discount I'd seen offered by others (I'm fire by the way).... and he stated "Sure we can do that for ya, how about $25?" ( = $485 + Tax). I graciously said "that be great, thank you very much!" Think I may add a tonneua cover also..... thinking about either the Access TonnoSport or the Lund Genesis, Roll up covers.
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