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  1. here are spy pics for sierra http://www.caranddriver.com/photo-gallery/face-lifted-gmc-sierra-spied-details-change-the-shape-remains-the-same#18
  2. on this friday i had gone for off road in desert as i do every friday, we do moderate to xtreme driving since may last year in my sierra, this friday on very small dune i side air bags poped out, yes i never knew there is switch in glove compartment to turn them off while going off road. Along with the airbags the seat belts are also jam and dealer ship is saying we cant fix them and you need to replace them , both front seat belts, they are asking only for seat belts 1,500$ which i think is too much can any one tell me from where i can buy cheaper seat belts. i am not interested in getting the airbag replace as its bloody aprrox 7,000$. its 2014 gmc sierra double cabin , i need only front seat belts both passenger and driver side
  3. me too, specially when i am side cresting on dunes it limits me in playing
  4. congrats guys, me like when people love their trucks and customized it the way they want. This is what i call Total Satisfaction
  5. i put HIDs, they are made in korea, its more then two weeks, they are running fine on original projectors, The new HID are 200% more powerful then originals crapy bulbs,
  6. Here Is mine, this is from our desert trip
  7. Simply amazing photographs and lovely truck, that's called silver lining from heaven
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