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  1. Hello! Santa is bringing an early Christmas present for my '14 Sierra 1500 SLT this weekend, a VIOFA dash cam. I was thinking I'd tuck the front camera in behind my rear view mirror, drivers side of mirror mount, so it would be within reach yet not obstruct my visibility, but have noticed there appears to be some kind of sensor on that side on the mirror (sensor is facing forward, ie back side of mirror). Anyone have any idea what that sensor is and if it would cause in issue to have the dash cam there? Thanks in advance for any thoughts.
  2. Scotty MIX & Panik, thank you both for your feedback. I was able to obtain a generic cable from my dealer, but I think I'll go ahead and order the GMC/Sierra specific cable when I purchase my P3 anyways to make things as simple as possible hooking up the controller. I like the idea of having the controller up on the corner of the dash where I can keep an eye on it and it's easy to reach. First though I need to find a used Travel Trailer that fits the wife's needs and our budget! Proving difficult - but keep the dear wife happy and everyone's happy!
  3. GMTEC2 - sorry, missed that! Thanks for the info - your install does look slick in the ashtray like that. I don't have that tray in my center console though, so will have to figure something else out. fAnd I didn't find a wire harness in my glovebox, will have to get back hold of the dealer...
  4. Has anyone added a brake to their 2014? Is there a GMC/Sierra specific wire harness?
  5. Hello all. I have a question and was also looking for some opinions on mounting a brake controller in my truck based on your experiences. I own a 2014 Sierra SLT All Terrain with the standard tow package, that I’d like to install a Tekonsha P3 Electronic Brake Control into (haven’t bought the controller as yet). I was wondering where others have mounted their controller and what your thoughts are around the functionality of said location? i.e. right of steering column under the dash – do you hit your knee on it and/or is it difficult see/reach to adjust, or better to be on the left side...etc, etc? Also, should there be a GM harness that can just 'plug in' under the dash, or will I need to wire up a generic harness? I can see some type of jack mounted under the dash right by the front lip... Many thanks for any feedback.
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