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  1. I have a 92 Chevy Silverado and I dony need a key to start it, i can just twist the ignition and it'll start without the key. What needs to be replaced to fix this and how do I do it?
  2. Hello, I'm installing tow mirrors with the led turn signals on my 92 silverado. I need to find a good ground location. I know bare metal is good for ground but j csnt seem to find any. Any locations under the dash, door panels, hood will work. Thank you for the help
  3. I'm currently looking for aftermarket replacement for a 88 chevy Silverado, i do not want the composite headlights, i want aftermarket 4 separate headlights. Anyone know what these are called? Measurements? I believe it's a 4x6 but I am not sure
  4. I have a 92 silverado with a 94-98 gmc front end. I'm currently installing the full phantom grill. I just purchased the recess kit for the headlights but then someone told me the 88 headlights sit further back and will sit behind the phantom grill without modifications. What is the size and what are these headlights called? I want to get a pair thay will allow me to use HID's
  5. Ok thank you for the help! Ill just let it sit til Thursday, I shkukd have the nee shocks by then. Again thank you!
  6. That hole looks like it should be there but I won't know for sure until I look at mine. I'll check either tomorrow or the following day
  7. I had to remove my front shocks because they were too short after installing my level kit. It is a 1992 k1500. I currently go to school and I have to use the truck as transportation. How bad is it to drive without front shocks? Would it cause any damage?
  8. I did this swap to my 92 silverado, I thought the same as what is posted above but you would also need new bumper brackets because the 94 and up bumper valance are larger than the 92
  9. I was recharging my ac compressor when out of nowhere the compressor just stopped working. It was working all up until I began to recharge it. I got my test light and checked the plug to see if it's at least getting power but it wasnt. I thought it might be a fuse but all seemed to be ok. What else could it be? Are there any fuses that don't directly say AC? I checked the HVAC as well
  10. I have 3 of this model pickup and none of them ever give me problems. My 96 has 234k miles on it without a rebuilt engine or tranny and it still runs like a brandream new truck. You will not be disappointed with one of these. The only problems I van think of is that the door hinges aren't the best so after some wear they do begin to sag, also the door handles (inside and outside) break over the years also. On my 92 I go through about 3 starters a year but that's mainly my fault not because of how the truck was designed
  11. I have a 92 4x4 that looks to be already leveled stock. Am I still able to add a level kit to get more height? Or am I better off getting a lift kit?
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