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  1. Finally had time to get under the truck, encoder motor case had a separation in it. Trying to remove drive shaft to get to the motor bolts, drive shaft wouldn't turn, the bearing was seized. Good old Michigan road salt ate pin holes in the magnesium transfer case, ended up having the transfer case rebuilt along with new encoder motor. Also, new case is aluminum now
  2. Thanks Dan, that's probably my next step is trying a new TCCM. haven't got around to it yet
  3. ok, tried new selector switch...no go. I'll be able to take it back for a refund. Narrows it down to two..shift motor or TCCM. I'm thinking if the TCCM is bad perhaps that is the reason it's not throwing codes?
  4. I didn't start a new thread, maybe you are talking to kdeerman? Anyhow, I finally got the truck re-scanned. No codes found, however, was able to test actuator and tested good through scan tool (snap on). I tested ohms on the selector switch....2H tested at 1680 ohms, 4H, 860, and 4L showed only one ohm. I'm thinking selector switch, what do you think Rob?
  5. I went to the mechanic that works on the vehicles at work, I don't know what kind of scanner he used, he was baffled as well. He said it's possible that if there are no "dummy lights" or anything reading on the dic it won't store a code? I'm taking it tomorrow to an independent mechanic to run codes.
  6. Ok, got it scanned today, no TCCM codes were found. any Ideas where to go from there?
  7. I have a 2003 2500HD Silverado...the 4 wheel drive won't engage. I do not have auto 4wd. when I press the button to switch to 4wd, the light just blinks and then returns to a solid light on 2wd. I can here a click after I press the button, but I cannot hear the shift motor running. My question is, is there a way to decipher whether my problem is the shift actuator, or the shift motor. I think it is the shift motor, but not sure Thanks in advance any help is appreciated.
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