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  1. Ok gave the throttle body a good cleaning, and started the truck and let it run for about 3 minutes. So so far the rough idle seems to have dissipated, and the TPS sensor is running at 20.4% to the occasional 20.8%, where it was staying at 20.4%. And RPM’s are staying around 540-550rpms. Think the real test will be this afternoon when I go to work were I do most of my idling.
  2. So my 2014 Silverado LTZ Z71 with 5.3 engine threw a code P0121 yesterday. The dreaded TPS.. Don’t know if this helps but I do a LOT of idling for work. Anyways, finally found my scanner when I found the TPS code. Started the truck this morning and the code is now gone. Put the scanner back on it and TPS is giving me a reading of 20.4% while idling. I cleared the code, and I know it most likely will return. Plan on cleaning the Throttle body for the first time when I wake up this afternoon. What is is the normal idling range for the TPS? Anything other to look at and or watch? I only run OEM parts on my truck, so is it possible to only replace the TPS sensor if necessary or will I have to replace the entire throttle body? Any other tips or advice is welcomed! Thanks!
  3. Guess I’m off to the owners manual. Didn’t know you could do that.
  4. First let me apologize if this is a repost, I am a newb on this forum and my search skills suck. Lately, naturally after warranty has run out, the screen on my truck has been giving me issues. I will be driving down the road when the screen takes a life of it's own and will select "Browse". Happens with FM radio and XM radio. I will touch the exit button and almost immediately the screen will act like I touched "Browse" again and load up again. I've tried cleaning the screen and nothing. If I gently tap on the screen with the back of my finger several times it'll quit for a while(generally a couple days) then start back up. Has anyone else had this issue? If so how did you resolve it? Thanks, David
  5. Won't be tonight, and pics will suck as I don't have access to a lift but I can take some Shots tomorrow from driveway if that will help you brother. I have a '14 Silverado LTZ Z71 4x4
  6. Subscribed also. While my truck has been on a life twice now I didn't pay attention to skid plates on my '14 Z71. I would assume someone could take original plastic skids and be able to manufacture something out of a Strong metal.
  7. I'm a NRA life member and owner of NFA toys and as PRO second amendment as one can get. With that said, I won't own one of these, while granted I think it's a GREAT idea. Oxymoron I know lol. But I guess I'm just too paranoid that some idiot will see the gun and call 911 or as simple as getting out of vehicle and having to move the gun to stow it out of sight in the vehicle and a bad guy seeing you do this and breaking in after you walk off. And this. If you choose to use it I would STRONGLY suggest you stick your hands out of the window or on the dash and inform the officer and specifically follow his instructions to the letter.
  8. Pretty sweet brother!!! Also interested in cost if you don't mind sharing.
  9. I assume that procedure will work for Silverados as well? Have $108 worth of H11 and 9005 Sylvania zXe I'm dreading to install.
  10. I did, really the PNP conversation kit doesn't change the level of difficultly. That is plug and play and a zip tie lol
  11. PDF can be downloaded here. Paying someone who knows exactly what their doing who can do it in under an hour is worth $100 to me. http://www.amp-research.com/products/truckaccessories/powerstep/
  12. Well picked up steps from UPS, and after looking at instructions...... I'm paying a pro $100 Saturday morning to install them for me lol
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