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  1. I've had and access Roll cover on my 03 since it was new, i don't know that i would get anything else for my next truck.
  2. Got rearended :(

    had the same thing happen to me last summer. didn't look too bad until the bumper was removed, spare tire "mounting" was twisted and the back end of the frame bent down.
  3. Push Button Start - Key Fob

    it would be nice if you could program a fob to more than one vehicle. Both my wife and i are looking at new vehicles next year and it would be nice if we each only had to carry one fob for both.
  4. Haven't used it in my truck, but it's the only stuff i like to run in my motorcycles. https://www.pure-gas.org/
  5. what are your thoughts on the keyless puch button start? Seems that is a standard feature on the 1500 now, not really thrilled since the 18s will be gone before i am in the market next summer.
  6. I have seen a few listing for 2019 at dealerships in my area. they all seem to have the key-less push button ignition, is this now standard?
  7. first time looking at travel trailers

    That is in my plan, once we pull the trigger on a new truck. Still have a kid in daycare, one more year, so have a little bit of time.
  8. first time looking at travel trailers

    if she convinses me to go the trailer route we will be looking at 3/4 ton trucks, i would much rather have more truck than needed for the trailer. as for the trailer numbers, those were just for the example, not based on actual spec. Probably looking at 24-27ft trailers
  9. first time looking at travel trailers

    thank you, that was what i was thinking.
  10. first time looking at travel trailers

    thanks, but my question was more on the trailer cargo weight, if that is only weight while towing, or also the standing weight limit?
  11. We, and by we i mean my wife, have decided we should start looking at travel trailers for when we upgrade my truck in the next two years. Being new at this i have been looking a many models online and have a question about the weights. if the trailer is listed at 3500 dry weight and 4500 gvw that gives it a cargo capacity of 1000 lbs. is that cargo capacity only an issue while towing? by that i mean if you have your gear and four people you could easily go over that parked.
  12. +1 for access cover. i have had one on my truck for 15+ years and would not have a truck without one.
  13. Why a pallet of bagged mulch and not a bulk yard?
  14. I've had an Access Roll-up cover on my truck since it was new, 2003, and it has held up really well. https://www.accesscover.com/original/

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