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  1. +1 for access cover. i have had one on my truck for 15+ years and would not have a truck without one.
  2. How much can you haul in the bed?

    Why a pallet of bagged mulch and not a bulk yard?
  3. I've had an Access Roll-up cover on my truck since it was new, 2003, and it has held up really well. https://www.accesscover.com/original/
  4. Hello from WA

  5. left turn signal inop

    when mine when out it was this. https://www.amazon.com/Novita-LM487-Flasher/dp/B001KS6GIG/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1515530036&sr=8-1&keywords=silverado+flasher+relay
  6. A lot of it is luck of the draw, i have chip in my windshield thats close to 10 years old and it hasn't spread
  7. Calling all old timers

    use a screwdriver as a stethoscope.
  8. L5P Duramax fuel economy

    2.95-3.15 for the cheap stuff here. when i filled up this week it was 2.95 for cheap, diesel was 3.05
  9. L5P Duramax fuel economy

    $2.29 a gallon, i jealous, haven't seen that low in years. in the Seattle area gas to diesel price difference is usually about 5-10 cents.
  10. hopefully that gets to less questions and doc requests. my wife and i had a running joke while going through underwriting that one day they would ask me to prove i wasn't batman.
  11. congrats. like previous reply stated, go to your inspection, ask questions and take notes. The part that drove me nuts was going through under writing on the loan, it seemed like every day for more that a week i was getting asked for new documents.
  12. Driving Seattle to Houston in December. Good or bad?

    it will all depend on timing and weather. i would wait until closer to when you want to leave before picking a route.
  13. bed cap topper recommendations?

    I've had an Access roll up cover on my 03 1500 since new. never had any issues. https://www.accesscover.com/original/
  14. sunroof wont close

    not sure on your specific vehicle, but every car i have had with a power sunroof also had a manual crank as a back-up. they were usually hidden under one of the plastic panels on the headliner.

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