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  1. A couple days ago I replaced my tires after some pretty extensive research. Stock 275/55 20. One of the questions I asked in the process was whether I would consider raised white letter. Easy choice. No tire I considered offered the option in my size. ended up w Continental Terrain Contact AT.
  2. 2018 High Country disappointed

    Rather than take pics and post, it would be pretty simple to list the items that you’ve found that GM has cheapened. We’re all pretty familiar with our trucks, most would be able to recognize what you describe. We’re fanboys after all. Is your “gay blue” an example?
  3. Mexican vs American assembled trucks

    There’s a shim fix for the seat pop.
  4. 2018 High Country disappointed

    Like, my ‘18 has better tires than your ‘15 has? How do we ‘splain that?
  5. Which Paradigm?

    I can think of no better thread than this one to post my 1000th post. its a grand discussion. I’ve read it all, some a couple times. I see it as healthy discourse. And I appreciate you all. Actually I know I am not worthy. But I am a sincere Believer.
  6. Continental Terrain Contact AT

    I got the Conti Terrain Contacts installed today. By my local Firestone store. In stock size they’re apparently a little scarce in my region. At ~50 miles I don’t have a qualified review. But, they look great. They are quiet but but not magically quiet. They ARE smooth but that might be in comparison to what I just took off. More later if anyone’s interested. $924.20 OTD. Then a mfg $70 rebate. Premium territory.
  7. 2018 High Country disappointed

    Well ok. Do that. You bought an ‘18 HC and have smoke and gay blue lights? Are you a troll or a less than super sharp pencil trying to draw a conclusion?
  8. Stock shock replacement

    Well OP there you have it. Responses have covered every possible 4wd configuration and the only agreement is that a couple of the versions use a shock that is painted black. in my Z71, I’d roll (never slowly enough) over parking lot speed bumps and it was so harsh to be almost painful. i have the Z60 (one of the Black shock options I guess) and rolling over the same parking lot bumps is an entirely better experience. is it differences in individual builds? More than shocks? I do t drink enough when I’m driving over speed bumps? Because I know this to be true but I also believe the others.
  9. I agree with Herc. I owned two 2016 models, now have an ‘18. If there are any differences, I’ve not noticed.
  10. What? I’m sitting inside and just sent the lock command to my truck through the GMC app on my phone. All worked. Bought this truck in December ‘17.
  11. Stock size AT

    TireRack. Joking.
  12. Stock size AT

    I am about to get new tires. I want an AT that’s not too heavy and doesn’t tank my mpg. And doesn’t look like something a 17-year-old would install. Stock 275/55r20. ive priced: continental terrain contact at michelin at2 bridgestone Revo 3 firestone Destination at cooper at3 toyo open country at2 I have a spreadsheet to keep up. No more than two tires quoted by each dealer. I’m at a grand, +/- $150. i think I will install the continental. TireRack has blocked my IP address because I’ve spent so much time on their site (and others).
  13. One year review

    Or don’t. And enjoy the truck like Loco. huh?
  14. 2018 Sierra SLT or wait for 2019

    Those are my thoughts too. First i think I’d consider would be a MY 2 or 3, depending on make.

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