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  1. Got a scare from the gas station

    $2.559 today at Exxon for 87, $2,859 for 89 both with up to 10% ethanol.
  2. Broken Windshield

    Caution. Some of the national chains utilize cheaper material and/or manufacturing processes. Go to an independent locally owned shop. Ive seen really unacceptable distortion in the cheap glass where it has moderate curves/contouring. Its crap.
  3. Features I never touch

    Third Sierra. Never not once have I plugged anything into any of the 120v recepticals. It reminds me of a cassette player. Why in 2018?
  4. Vinyl wrapping interior trim

    Is that the little guy on the white horse there in the floorboard?
  5. One somewhat useful suggestion to mitigate some of this: get your dealership to do it. For me, $180 included alignment. 2”.
  6. AVS in channel. Tried the WT and like these better.
  7. Why only 10 years?

  8. New tires - stock size - rubbing?

    Sounds like a job for...the tire shop. It’s annoying. But thankfully I don’t spend a high % of my drive time in reverse full lock. crazy that my most recent tire didn’t do it.
  9. New tires - stock size - rubbing?

    Nope. That wold have been my guess. Specs on prior and new show 30.9” height. front right.
  10. 2019 GMC Sierra - Spotted On the Road - Images

    New Coca-Cola anyone?
  11. yes When backing with wheel cut reasonably - but not extremely - hard. 275/55 20. Replacement same size tire, stock wheels (snowflake), OEM spec. Mounted two weeks ago. what might be causing this? Obviously I will take back to the Firestone store when I have time. But not sure what day that’ll be.
  12. Ok, I’ll leave the contaminated fuel discussion to the team. the REAL problem is not having a gas cap to jam under the fuel nozzle trigger so you don’t have to stand there holding the thing the whole time. (I have a fix though. A piece of wooden yardstick with a key ring that hands on the little tab on the inside of the fuel door. And yes, when the nozzle shuts off the wood prop doesn’t interfere.)
  13. Fan speed with Phone Call?

    Lesson for me to learn: Don’t get in my superheated truck, begin my drive and immediately make a phone call...
  14. Interesting. I changed my engine oil at 1700 miles, so get your intent. I’m not gonna do this at home. How much would I expect to pay the dealer to do this? Front and rear? Better option?
  15. Continental Terrain Contact AT

    Ya know Mav, I’ve said that myself. today ive been almost two hours south of New Orleans and my boat caught 85 speckled trout and two bull reds. ill tackle this sometime this weekend. Pardon the pun. Good night zzzzZZZZzzzz

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