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  1. Hey gang. I’ve not been here in a year or so because I sold my ‘18 Sierra SLT due to a forced daily commute that had me driving >150 miles, not all on the highway. But every now and then I come back. And to great satisfaction I find a 7-page discussion involving one of my favorites, the Grump. Y’all don’t miss this about GB: he’s a damn sight smarter than just about every one of us. You’re giving him exactly what he wants. And I’m completely enjoying the read. Thanks guys.
  2. Thanks. I hope my transmission holds. Another thing i find interesting: I also have two daughters in school, one at Ole Miss the other as a D1 (first year dental school). 4 hours and 2 hours away. That’s not THE commute, but it’s A commute. One less frequent, but more fun! Godspeed!
  3. Yea, I’ve read most of the reviews of the 9 speed. I only have 1500 miles on the Pilot but the very seldom less-than-perfect shifts to date have been minor. Certainly I have been battle toughened by my good looking Sierra’s transmission! I do see Honda has made some programming mods to the 2019. At at least Honda didn’t say “operating within normal parameters” and send you on your way. Do y’all like the vehicle?
  4. Hate to admit - and I’ve not yet admitted on this forum - my Sierra is now a 2018 Honda Pilot Touring AWD. I’m now a 140-mile/day commuter and when I bought my truck, I wasn’t. The calc was twofold. Highway MPG has increased 40% and the depreciation schedule extended an unknown but certainly tremendous amount. My wife drives a 4Runner. We still have a truck in the family.
  5. Mighty joe - if you keep reading you will discover pgamboa is a certified genius. There are a number of outstanding contributors here. Grumpy Bear is a wise man too. Most of of the rest of us....
  6. Like another poster, my ‘18 does it too with a dealer installed 2” level, but it wasn’t until I replaced my worn firestone AT with the stock size continental tires. Hard cut in reverse. Haven’t gotten underneath to see exactly what’s going on but am able to generally avoid cutting the wheel that hard.
  7. A number of concepts that need to be introduced into the discussion for a more complete evaluation: leasing a vehicle = renting the vehicle is your car ever an asset or merely an expense? residual value. It’s pretty simple to take 36 lease payments + residual value (cost) and compare it to a comparable finance payment and term and see which looks better. Make sure to factor in the cost of money if you’re paying the residual. Money factor (lease interest rate) vs APR
  8. I took my wife to a retail establishment today. It was drizzling but that didn’t keep me from parking way out in the lot. I look at at other cars, tires, etc., on the way in. That also gives me a lot of time to look hard at my truck on my way back. Damn these are good looking vehicles!
  9. $2.559 today at Exxon for 87, $2,859 for 89 both with up to 10% ethanol.
  10. Caution. Some of the national chains utilize cheaper material and/or manufacturing processes. Go to an independent locally owned shop. Ive seen really unacceptable distortion in the cheap glass where it has moderate curves/contouring. Its crap.
  11. Third Sierra. Never not once have I plugged anything into any of the 120v recepticals. It reminds me of a cassette player. Why in 2018?
  12. Is that the little guy on the white horse there in the floorboard?
  13. One somewhat useful suggestion to mitigate some of this: get your dealership to do it. For me, $180 included alignment. 2”.
  14. AVS in channel. Tried the WT and like these better.
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