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  1. This is a very easy fix, no need to take to your dealer. All you need is a screwdriver and 10 seconds of time to pop the hood and adjust your beams lower. I have to do this when I pull the trailer because the back end goes down and front end goes up - thus headlights point higher than they should. Google how to do this and what the "proper" height should be, then you can compare to what yours are at. Essentially it's parking X feet away from your garage or a wall on flat land and measuring the height of your beams on said wall. Then you can make adjustments to a lower height and have both sides even.
  2. Welp got my Bilsteins installed today and went ahead with these Wildpeak H/T02 in size LT275/65R20. Thanks for intro OP! Your lug tread seems slightly larger/more pronounced than mine. I wonder if each side is a little different, if so I might switch them around next tire rotation. My impression so far, they are much more subdued and tame looking like OEM style. Maybe the other side has a slight “better” look... but I like them so far. Haven’t tested them at all but I think they will fit my needs well as largely highway and towing tire. They are extremely quiet which was important to me.
  3. Here’s a pic of my set up, I use the Equalizer 4 point WDH. Hopefully you can zoom in and get a good idea to compare with your Sierra. I believe the center of my receiver (unhooked) was at 18 3/4”
  4. @dtholmanmax Ok you’ve had these a few days and I’m dying to know... What are your impressions of the new tires!? How do they compare to the stock tires you had?
  5. You’re doing good due diligence getting a lot of opinions and then go to the dealership and test different trucks out yourself. My recommendation would be to go the LT route with 10-speed transmission. 5.3 or 3.0 would fit your needs just fine. I absolutely love my 3.0.
  6. Does anyone know the pin size, hole size and taper angle for the 2" block on our Silverado 1500's? I ordered the GM ones the trail boss uses but they were backordered with no delivery in sight so I got impatient and canceled it. Need to order new blocks for the rear. Just want a good quality and not have to worry. I have the extended length Ubolts already. Was thinking of ordering from the following site but saw similar things on others (in re: to pin size/taper angle). 3/4" - 5/8"-9/16" 0 - 2.3 degree taper? https://realtruck.com/p/bds-rear-lift-blocks/v/chevy/silverado-1500/2020/ Happy to order from anywhere as long as it's the right fit for our trucks - please send recs. Also, I do NOT have the composite rear springs but the regular steel ones! yay lol
  7. Thanks for posting, these look great. I am looking for a good highway and towing tire while trying to maintain a good look. The AT3Ws, Ko2, Ridge Grappler, etc are just too aggressive for what I want... but these I will have to look into! Please keep this thread posted with your opinion as you get some miles on them!
  8. Curious what benefits everyone is witnessing: 1. Engine sound 2. Power gains 3. Fuel mileage gains?
  9. TLDR: I really really like the look of the Wrangler Trailrunner AT and it's just about the exact look I want. But how would they work for lots of highway driving, towing travel trailer, want low road noise, maintain as good fuel mileage as possible? Zero worry about snow/ice.. but does rain here in Houston. Well this is a disappointed thread for me to find, but very very good at the same time. Will be lifting the truck 2" very shortly and increasing tires to LT 275/65R20 tires. I will have almost no worry about driving in snowy/icy conditions but it does rain quite a bit here. My needs are significantly on pavement, a lot of highway driving, and a good bit of towing a travel trailer. I'm still very sensitive to trying to keep road noise down to a minimum and maintaining as good a fuel mileage as realistically possible. I do not want a pure highway style tire and do not want an aggressive off road tire. A solid all terrain that that may be closer to highway is what I'm looking for vs bordering towards mud. I'm also trying to maintain as close to OEM factory look and even closer to the 2500 HD look. Would like to be pleased visually but am not going for an aggressive/trail boss look or anything. Continue to go back to the Michelin Defender LTX M/S (although not my favorite look) or Michelin LTX AT2. Came across the Goodyear Wrangler Trailrunner AT seen them on several HD's and Super Duty's and think they look fantastic. Better look than the stock Duelers I have but they don't scream off-road. I really like the look of these the best... would they fit my needs or are they really truly junk? Not in snow but highway and towing how would they hold up?
  10. That’s a great looking truck. If you’re currently very happy with your truck then I wouldn’t rush out to replace it. Personally, I would wait to see (1) when and how GM refreshes the interior and (2) when and how GM refreshes the exterior. Otherwise after trading trucks now after a year you might be right back trading out again in another year or two. If the new design is just awful to you, the previous model will be discounted more and you can still get that most likely. As for power running board you don’t need a factory installed one and I wouldn’t let that detract me from buying the truck I want. Just get the AMP Research Powersteps.
  11. Flatblack83 I believe has the ICON coilovers. Search for that username, it may help in finding discussion on them. @Flatblack83
  12. https://www.autostopeliminator.com/collections/gm/products/2019-silverado-sierra-autostop-eliminator Auto Stop Eliminator, and I also agree with tinted windows... or tint front windows to match the rear. I also always get rear wheelhouse liners. I can't stand the unfinished look of the rear wheel houses on trucks. Spray in bedliner a classic but that's getting a little more expensive. All 4 of these together should still be <$1k which is nice
  13. I don’t mean to distract from the spirit of this thread but can anyone tell what tires these are in this article, on the High Country? They look kinda nice
  14. Glad OP got that settled, you shouldn't have any problems. The GM 2" lift comes with new CV axles. I know this has probably been discussed a million times but what exactly do they change from the original stock ones (I believe it's the angle)? Does 2" create enough stress on the original cv axles though? Ie the Bilstein 5100/6112 front strut replacement with 2" lift. Would we really need to get the "trail boss" cv axles or is that not a problem to worry about?
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