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  1. The only think I would caution you on is in respect to the 0% financing. Dealerships are notorious for pulling this but not giving out as many rebates. So do your cost/benefit analysis before pulling the trigger. Example (made up): $30,000 truck with rebates of $7,000 = sales price of $23,000. OR you can get 0% financing! Show caution because if rebates switch to $4,000 and a net sales price of $26,000 then you're really paying $3,000 for that "opportunity" to finance that over 7 years.
  2. Not to make light of the situation at all but I'm reminded of the late great comedian, Mitch Hedburg: I get the roundabout AIDS test. I call up my friend Brian and say "Brian, do you know anyone that has AIDS?", "No", "Cool, cause you know me."
  3. Yikes!!! This is the exact setup I've started leaning towards from my Chevy - King 2.5's with ICON tubular UCA. What in the actual f As an aside do you have any other pictures of his truck pre-Fup? For what its worth the folks over at filthy motorsports look like they recommend the camburgs with king set up per their website.
  4. ETA I don't know how to embed youtube videos but (it automatically does it!) came across this when I went down the ol' youtube-rabbit hole. Comments on the video appear to show people have had issues with the lift though. Really just posting for visuals and reference specs. I think the lift size/tire combo is really sharp looking - good clean, proportional, balanced look to it. 3" lift 295/55R20 Nitto Ridge Grapplers
  5. Agreed. If you're already about to pony up $1,295+, the marginal increase to go with a quality coilover set is a no brainer for me. I'm curious - what is the market like (if any) for selling the oem ranchos? Or an expected price to get for them?
  6. http://www.buykingshocks.com/coilovers/index.html FYI this is the video I partly watched which is phenomenal for anyone wanting to just get better informed like me. This guy does a real good job of explaining things in other videos as well. It's a long video and you can click just below it to skip to different sections. I watched the Shock Options section and he shows some good examples.
  7. Again thanks above on the info regarding coil overs (king/fox/icon)... This is why I take a lot of time thinking and doing research before big purchases, like a new truck or major suspension upgrade. I started with wanting Fox because that's what I've known - moved onto Icon - now I'm back onto Fox and King added (due to the valving which should be better on the street and at slower speeds vs. Icon ). I am correct on that, yes?! My issue with the Kings, and I know this sounds petty, but I just can't get past all the blue color. Like, I don't like it for me and my truck. I'm going for a very clean OEM-style look with largely Black some grey some silver/chrome on my truck overall. Today I learned that you can get some color changes done on the King parts but not the coil springs. Those will always be blue. This is because if you put the springs on and they're not the right specs you wanted, you can replace them no problem - just shipping. There was mention of taking the coils to an aftermarket shop and have them spray the springs the color of your liking. I would want them done in black. What's involved with taking them to a place to do this? With the springs compressing - are they even able to be sprayed or dipped in quality material where they won't flake off?? My problem is I can't do this install myself, so putting them on then taking them off then putting them back on is a no go for me. I ain't paying that much service costs!!
  8. No, this is fantastic. Thank you for your input.
  9. Setting cost and resale value aside.... since you're coming from a King setup, how would you feel about King/Icon/Fox coilovers on this vehicle (Silverado 1500)? I ask because I really want a better onroad suspension feel and help level the truck at the same time. I previously had a '17 Raptor and the suspension was just absolutely incredible. I would love a similar feel albeit those had 35" BFGs on 17" rims and I'll likely be at 33-34" BFGs on 20" rims on the Silverado. Would you suspect a significant feel difference due to less sidewall or am I just overthinking this too much. I'm really leaning towards the ICON 2.5 or FOX 2.5 coilovers when they're available for the 2020 model
  10. I changed my phone holder to a magnetic one that’s more recessed than my last. PS - some of my pictures keep turning sideways like this and I can’t figure out how to rotate them! They are presented normally on my photo album but not when uploading. I’ve even rotated them on my phone trying get a one-up on this upload problem but that doesn’t work
  11. I highly recommend it. Like you, I was getting better at remember but would forget occasionally. Not that it's really all that big of deal at the end of the day. But after installing this it's just a weird feeling - the best feeling I can equate it to is when your wife gives you a list of things to do and you actually get them done pretty quickly and cross them off your list and you're DONE (temporarily lol)... It took some effort but it really wasn't difficult. Just make sure you follow the instructions (there's a great video online) and use painters tape around as to not scratch any surfaces. I also used that opportunity to run a charging cable from the USB port up behind the dash and then it sneaks back out of the driver side a/c vent left of the monitor/screen. I have my phone holder attached to that vent so it makes it easy and hidden having a charging cord right there. I used this one based on recommendation for folks around here: https://www.autostopeliminator.com/collections/autostop-eliminators-for-gm-vehicles/products/2019-silverado-sierra-autostop-eliminator ETA - I just realized.. I have the 40/20/40 front bench which made it significantly easier to install. Having a full console adds a few steps - the video instructions he uses full console.
  12. I'm ~2,300 miles into mine and still just absolutely love it. Very happy with the get up, the fuel mileage, the transmission, how quiet it is, but also how you still know it's a diesel. 10/10 would buy again. I have not had to do an oil change or add DEF yet. The only things I dislike about my truck have nothing to do with the engine choice but the design overall: 1. The auto-stop/start feature that has to default to on. I started getting used to clicking it off each time, but installed the eliminator where it defaults to its last setting (OFF!). Best aftermarket purchase easily, don't have to worry about that any more. It's akin to dealing with a squeeky closet door for a few months - taking 10 seconds to finally spray the hinges with WD40 - and then it's silent... and you're like "why the hell did I wait so long to do that". 2. I really wish the truck had entry handles/grab handles in the overhead liner above each of the 4 doors in addition to the handles they have in place now. I know that's overkill but I would add that if I could. 3. Shouldn't be complaining here b/c I easily get 600-700 miles per tank if I'm on a highway trip... but I wish the fuel tank was slightly larger than 24 gallons (i think?)... I don't need it bigger but heck. 4. I got the 40/20/40 front bench because I just love the front bench (it's different). I would change the cup holders on it where they were slightly larger... a good judge of cup holder size is being able to fit a bottle of wine in it (for reference use only....) and my smaller yeti rambler with leather sleeve fits awfully snug.
  13. Looks great! What tires/size do you have on there?
  14. It sounds to me like a 6" lift is WAY overkill for what you really want. Just larger better looking wheels/tires, right? You might take a look through this thread, definitely worth clicking through looking at what people have done. My recommendation based on your post would be to look at a front level w/ possible small rear block, the 2" GM lift, or max 4" lift. I'm looking to do coilovers that level the truck and add 275/65R20 A/T's on stock wheels which are 34" (instead of the stock 33" 275/60R20 I have now)
  15. Good question The instructions said to use second to last set of holes but some models don’t have those. Looks like you’re set at the 33” mark where I’m at 16”
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