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  1. Topgear, May be a silly question but you are sure the rear 2.5 piggybacks from king will fit on our truck. I ask because I’ve only see pictures of our silverados with the remote reservoirs mounted in wheel well, and the shocks are massive for two piggy backed. I should be ordering the kings soon and would much prefer piggyback in the rear. Thanks!
  2. I Switched covers to the RNL A-Series and decided to go ahead and add on the cargo management divider. It’s definitely expensive and each person will have a different tolerance for wether it’s “worth it” or not. With that said, I really enjoy it and works well for me. I also have an undertonneau storage chest so with the cargo management I now how 3 very distinct storage areas. It works really well packing for trips and keeping things organized.
  3. I’m pulling about the same weight as you, maybe a few hundred pounds less. I’m extremely impressed with this engine and transmission. Pulling through mountains is no problem at all. Consistent smooth power when I need it. For a half-ton I can’t expect any better.
  4. I would recommend driving what you got for a while and save up another couple hundred $’s. Falken Wildpeak A/T3W would be a solid choice.
  5. Well this is interesting that I was not aware of at all. So I have composite leaf springs in my ‘20 Silverado LT Z71? And that is a good thing right? Lol In planning to order front coil overs shortly (1.5-2” front lift) I’m okay with adding 1-2” blocks in the rear? And/or add-a-leaf or Roadmasters RAS?
  6. To follow up on this, I was always under the impression you would typically want the drivers side slightly higher than passenger. The rationale being tank of gas increasing weight and the weight of the driver. Too many times it’s just the driver adding weight with no passengers... this weighing down left side.
  7. If you like it now you’ll love it even more after towing!
  8. @Grey3liter4x4 that’s fantastic. Driving And towing with this truck is like a game to me now and makes the distance go by so much quicker. I just play around with seeing what fuel mileage I can achieve at different speeds. I’m just beyond impressed. Couple weeks ago the 25-mile trip on DIC was showing 19.7 mpg towing 6k lb trailer & gear at 60mph. Old trucks I’ve had I don’t know if I got that unloaded
  9. 35 non towing psi for me, I increase it to 37 cold psi the morning I hook up the trailer. As you drive and the tires warm up psi naturally increases. Same oem tires
  10. Yes. A car without tire shine reminds me of a businessman in a nice suit that didn’t shine his scuffed up shoes.
  11. No worries at all! I was able to find pictures online easy enough. Yep went ahead and got it, fits what I wanted to do perfectly!
  12. Thank you! Also, pewter thanks for bumping this thread. My interest in tow mirror install is just falling in right after yours so it seems I’m following you quite a bit! Thanks Also to the OP, that is fantastic step by step information and you’re truck looks great. I love the look/color combo between big black mirror and the silver truck.
  13. This is what my mirror buttons look like on my truck with standard mirrors. Do those with the factory tow mirrors have different buttons to adjust the top/lower mirrors? I do not have power folding or technology package. Just safety package with blind spot monitoring - which I’m ok with losing with tow mirror addition
  14. Stupid awesome. Pulling the trailer from Houston to New Orleans yesterday, roughly 350 miles on a single tank of gas. Stayed on cruise control at 65 mostly some at 70 and some at 60 to get a feel for “slower” mileage. Also ran into bad stop and go traffic twice. Overall trip DIC showed 16.5 MPG and hand calculated got 16.95, thrilled with 60 MPH cruise control DIC showing 19.7 MPG for over 25+ miles!
  15. Went for my free oil change and multipoint inspection (passed with flying colors) and photo-bombed this pic of the pretty bad-a Vette!
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