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  1. So any idea if Duramax will be an option for the Trail Boss trim?
  2. I’ve been told by many folks how awful the finish is for new cars from dealerships. After i brought home my truck, i proceeded to wash, clay bar, then polished it with a medium cut pad, glazed it, and then finished it with wax. WOW! I was amazed by that fact. Learned something new
  3. I've wanted a truck for past six years. Still own my 09 Yukon Denali 180k miles and still going strong. But the interior is wearing badly so had been looking at 2500s but really didn't need to tow at the moment so dove in to 1500. Loved the TB but really wanted a diesel because the 6.2L on my Yukon can't do better than 14 mpg. So during covid I was having a hard time looking for an AT4 and after watching lots of YouTube I realized that Silverado RST was for me. I'm afraid of all the bugs I might run into since this is a Gen1 engine but love the torque and off-the-line launch. Just ordered the GM 2" "trail boss" lift and going to get that installed so essentially I get a TB w Diesel! Will post before/after.....
  4. adding myself to see replies on this post as i just got the duramax. have yet to hear this pop and have a sunroof
  5. What are you towing exactly? The decision to get the Max Towing package would be based on if you’re towing a camper and/or toys. Denali has max luxury features. You can almost add everything to the SLT sans the tag and chrome. Exclusive to Denali are the vented seats and rear seat luxury items. Note that if you’re going to do any suspension work in the future, the Denali comes with a different suspension versus the rest of the trims so that would not be an ideal selection but if you keep the ride stock, it’s a smooth ride.
  6. i’ve been looking for a before/after pic of the GM kit. Thanks!
  7. I just got one too. RST/Z71 and although the raking doesn’t bother me as much as Sagging if towing or loading, I’m debating between Rough Country 3.5” with strut extension vs the GM Performance 2” since they supply the front axle to address droop ... I worry about spacers because they can break if you go off roading although the Readylift spacers were at the base of the strut instead of the top where things can go wrong
  8. I just got a RST too. Did you have the dealership install? Wanted to get a ballpark on dealer install cost...
  9. Do you have Z71 package on the RST? I know that the Trail Boss use monotube shocks while the Z71 with factory lift are twin tube
  10. i saw on youtube that AT4 or RSTs with factory 2” lifts require new ball joints if raising or leveling. Saw it on youtube and they stressed that. not sure if this relates to your situation. https://youtu.be/X1Pt00h5R3I
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