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  1. Back on changes for 2021. Looks like the Factory upgrade brake package is no longer as well. Only dealer installed front. Order books open tomorrow
  2. Well... it looks like SLT will be offered with the technology package... finally... will wait and see... but according to the order guide if I am reading it correctly...
  3. Thanks again for all the help on this and appreciate all the feedback!!! AlaskaEric... def will go with the 6.2... pulling in the mountains seems it seems like a logical choice... And from what I can tell the 2021 interior will get a new center screen (similar to new suburban) / glove box arrangement / new center console... but they say details will be out on July 18th or so... I think I found the perfect truck... Sierra Denali SLT with the options I like...4X4... 6.2... max trailer... etc... including upgraded brakes... 850lb ball... 900 pounds of cargo... and 17800 of GCWR... This forum was great help... thanks!
  4. Hello all again and thank you... yes, AMXGUY1970... I was blown away about my friends super duty... and then after I told him he proceeded to send me all these articles on how everyone is over their payload / etc / etc... and I really didn't need to respond... I think I offended him without trying... (btw "box checkers")... that is good... and thanks as well for the Kudos Onthereel... BIG thank you on the high country idea... I did not even think about Chevy... and my friend said he could get a chevy no problem... I found a high sierra pretty loaded up with the NHT and it shows a payload capacity of over 1800 lbs! Still a bummer on the Denali... I may go lot shopping to see if one could be specd for 1600 which is the minimum I need... But the high country could be good... Also now seeing how all new interiors are coming out in 2021... so may wait a month and just order that?
  5. chizzoy... many thanks for the response... I am towing a 24 foot Lance travel trailer which is 6800 loaded with a tongue weight of approx. 850 lbs... no toys... just some coolers and luggage is the plan...
  6. Greetings everyone and thanks for such a great forum... been reading a bunch on here and decided to ask for help... I am looking to buy a new tow vehicle... my travel trailer is 6800 loaded with a tongue weight of approx. 850 lbs... my friend runs a GMC dealer so want to stick with GMC... we live in Park City, Utah so lots of National Park / Hills / etc... What I really liked was the 2020 1500 Crew Cab Short Box Denali with the 6.2V8... problem is the payload capacity on the one we looked at (Trailer Information Sticker) was only 1485 lbs... so a bit tight with the 850lb tongue weight... the build website is a bit maddening as it wont show you the actual curb weight or payload of the model... It looks like the SLT has a Max Towing Package that would give me 200 lbs or so more... which is what I think I really need... I do not want to go to a 2500 as it wont fit in my garage... but like the fit and finish in the Denali... Anyone have any recommendations on a way to spec a Denali "lighter" or if GMC will offer the Max Towing in the Denali for 2021? MANY THANKS in advance for advice...
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