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  1. my new one.....2018 Silverado crewcab z71. Dealer installed Zone 6" lift XD811 20"rims with 35x12.5 Ironman tires. Katzkin leather on all seats 5% tint and all emblems removed except badges and Z71 those were blacked out with headlights and tail lights. Also has the amp power steps installed and spray in bedliner.
  2. Ok I have a 2016 Sierra Crew cab that I have bought a rough country 2.5" level for and I am going to run 33x12.5x20 Atturo XT tires. I went with a 1.5" spacer and I am wondering if that was to much or not. I have seen many and read about many and there has been mixed statements about the spacers as far as size or needing them. I am just curious as to if I will actually need the spacers or not? I am waiting on delivery so while I wait I figured I would so what the consensus was.
  3. Will not mess with the O2 sensors they will stay where they are. I will cut before the 3rd cat and right where the stock y pipe starts to bend driver side exhaust over to passenger. As far as I am aware of everything from they stock 2 forward cats has to remain in place and the 3rd cat on can be removed without any adverse effects. I removed the everything from the muffler back yesterday and I like the sound of it. I may just run straight back and kick out side from where I am at right now and call it good for the time being.
  4. Should I use an X-Pipe or H-Pipe? Does it matter?
  5. I have a 2016 Crew cab sierra and I am wanting to run straight exhaust from each cat and exit in front of the rear tires. Does the range afm module have any issues? I have been looking and reading reviews and decided to go with this until I have parts needed to remove afm from truck completely. Besides being loud is there any other issues with running straight from the cats? Factory is 2.75 from me measuring so I should go with 2.75 or go to the 3" all the way?
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